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Hey everyone!

Very excited to be taking this course. I’ve done a bit of Game Dev stuff in college, but I’m not a huge fan of the fully structured school type thing. Much more comfortable learning at my own pace.

Best part so far? Ben saying that it offends him when the sphere is halfway through the floor in Unreal.


Hey all, I’m new to Unreal and Game Development. I’m excited to learn though.


Hello everyone my name is Sergio and I enjoy playing video games a lot so I figured why not make some as well. My goal is to start off with mobile gaming and eventually go on to VR games as I’m big on immersion and love what the VR has to offer. I look forward to learning and interacting with the community.


Hello there, I’m Josh hope to be helpful and thanks in the advance for the help


oh hello. I’ve been tinkering around in C# and Python without a goal or solid courseware. I can’t wait to dive in… so… I guess that’s what I’m off to do.



Hey everyone! Wanted to shout out to you all and mark my place here. I am working on a change in direction of my life, and development is where I am going. I have completed associate degrees in Video Game Development and Mobile Application Development. I ended up working in a retail store uploading product to their website. This did not go so well for me. Now I have free time, and going to finish up this course and see what I can be making into the future!


Hi everyone!
I am a Unity developer and I now I would like to learn Unreal. Both are the most powerful engines.
Hope to learn new things from all of you!


So not sure if I have posted here before, I know I did in the unity course, but if I did post here before I apologize. Just picking this course back up again in the hopes to actually learn something this time. Other courses I have taken including this one had to be put on hiatus due to real life issues and college. Currently attending a local community college for computer networking technologies with a focus on MCSA. Fell back to that because when I started college I felt I didn’t have what it takes to get into game dev which is what I originally wanted to attend college for. Well I am finally 60% done with my current degree and am hoping that I can now spend some time actually learning some game development and if things go good with my MCSA I would like to re-attend college for either a computer science or game design(preferred) degree. Thanks for having me.


Also a side note, if after this course is done and people would like to collaborate on a project do not hesitate to hit me up. I cannot guarantee my skills at this time, however at the end of this course I should hopefully know what you know and maybe we can work on some projects together. I do eventually hope to open up a company in my state that not only does game design but possibly 3D film and effects similar to pixar and other similar companies as well.


finaly I’m here with u guys


Hi everyone, I’m an old dog (gamer) wanting to learn some new tricks and excited to be part of all this. Greg.


Hi, myself Harpreet I’m from Bangalore, I have worked in Forza Horizon 3 and Forza Motorsports 7 as 3d Game Artist, Total of 1.9 years of experience. I’m looking for opportunity and developing skills to work on Game Engine. As per my qualification I have Masters in Computer Application(MCA).

I always wanted to make a game but always wondered that what it takes to make a complete game. I came across this wonderful course which is affordable and great to start with.

I wonder if any one want to work on a game development with me as course progresses (contact me on skype hsr1988).


Hi everyone! I’m brand new to the nuts and bolts of game dev, but I’ve been doing the creative half for a long time. I’ve made and run tabletop campaigns, and have so many ideas for video games. I’m really glad to be here!


Hi everyone, My name is Dino … I’m kinda new to this course :grinning: also I’m still new to Game Dev
I hope can learn more from you guys …


Hi This is Piotr from Poland - I just started the course on Udemy, hope to learn a lot and its great to be a part of this community. Ben thank you for your hard work.


Hi all! I’m rather new to game development in general but have always been interested in games and how to make them.
I’m not a complete novice when it comes to programming in general. I have coded a little bit in both Python and C#.
In C# I worked with MonoGame a little bit, but never did anything special.
I’m really looking forward to take this course and learn about Unreal Engine and C++ game development.


Hello, just started this course. Kinda nervous


Hi all,

JoeS from Belgium. Curious how far this course will get me …

Can’t wait to take off.

Good luck to all of you.



Hello guys, I want to learn some skills and since I love gaming i’m gonna give this my best shot. Hope we all do well. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! My name is Kenny. I’m in Columbus, Ohio and have been doing development for 17 years. My experience ranges from Perl to Ruby to DevOps stuff.

I’ve been wanting to do game development for a while. I’ve tinkered with Game Maker and Unity a bit and decided to spend a few days learning Unreal before I really dive into making a game.