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hi I’m new to game development and very excited to learn how to create my own games


Hi everyone!
I’m Josh this is my first Udemy course I’m taking. My background is that I have a B.S. degree in Game and Simulation Programming, so I’m already familiar with C++ and C#. I’m also familiar with Unreal since I’ve used Unreal 3 in the past along with Unity. I’m hoping to pick up UE4 pretty quickly.


Hi everyone, I’m new to game development but i have passionate and willing to discover and master Unreal Engine 4


Hi, All! Peter Here, I saw an Ad for this on Facebook. I thought it looked like fun, I have my degree in IT and have background in a few programming languages. I needed a refresher on C++ and thought it would be super fun to learn how to make games at the same time. I am excited for the course.


Hi everybody,

looking forward to some work with Unreal, played a little with Unity and very eager to play with VR stuff.


Hi, my names Russell and I’ve been an avid gamer since my older brother got his first PS1 back in 1995. I’ve decided that I want to shake up my life and maybe learn how to create in the medium I love to experience. I live in Leicester so if anyone else from there wants to create a chat group or anything, drop me a line.

FYI: I am a complete n00b at this

Happy Coding Everybody!


Hi all!

My name is Brais and I currently live in London, and even though I already have some experience with Unreal, I’d like to take my knowledge a little bit further with C++. Hope to see you guys around and learn with you along the way. Seems like a great course, can’t wait to know a bit more!




Hello peeps.

I’m currently pursuing a bachelor’s in software development. I have a few months of C++ under my belt but nothing beyond the basics.

I love to play games, and obviously love to create them, and I’m using this course as a way to supplement my C++ schooling.


Well hello! I don’t know if this course is supposed to be an “on time”, “due dates” course or not, but based on when i found out about it, paid for it, etc., I’m guessing not! So, without further ado, I best be getting on with the course!


Hey everyone, I’m a web designer with a BA in Graphic Design and looking to expand my skill set with coding. I also have wanted to take my current skills and push into game development. I’m excited to learn more about C++ and Unreal Engine, and beyond :slight_smile: Thank you for the course!


Hey everyone, just leaving my greeting here as well!
I am really excited to start this course and have some official training with using C++. I have already developed a few things with Unreal Engine 3.0 and code with languages always “similar” to C and C++, hoping that this course helps me make the engine upgrade and solve some of my doubts about coding!



New to programming, well tinkered over the years, and an old hand at gaming… been there done that and I’m looking to take on a new challenge.


Hello everyone,

I’m reasonably new to programming. I’ve learned things in the past, forgotten them and I’m here to relearn and take it further than I ever have.


Hey guys! Very excited to have the opportunity to take this course. I graduated with bachelors in CS a week ago and I’m looking to sharpen some of my skills while taking a course that looks like fun! I love gaming and I love the idea of game development! I really look forward to the gains of this experience. Thanks and good luck to everyone!


Hi there! I am James Butler and I have been programming in different languages for about 25 years now.
I live in La Vergne, Tn. in the USA. That is just southeast of Nashville, Tn. I wanted to really get serious about game programming though so, I signed up for this Unreal course. I figured it would be much better than trying to write my own engine in C++. I have spent the last 16 years trying to do just that and have nothing to show for it. The technology changes so fast that I couldn’t keep up with the changes. So, maybe this course will get me to making games much faster. Most of my programming experience is with business apps, websites, and database programming. I do have some experience with game programming. I have read all of the Game Programming Gems books, LaMothe’s Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus, and Jonathan Harbours Beginning Game programming books, I have even dabbled with different libraries like Allegro, SDL, and SFML, OpenGL, DirectX. I worked with a small team back in 2004 and created a game for kids using Java. It was called Ten, Twenty, Thirty, The Counting Game and was for to help kids add quickly just using their head. I took some of the classes used in that game with some royalty free images and sounds and made a Java BlackJack game on my own in 2010.
I have a couple of more ideas for games that I want to try out in the Unreal engine now so, here I am.
Wish me luck.


Hi everyone! My name is Sultan. Just started this course, and hoping I’ll actually learn some good stuff as I’m new to this game developing process, and thanks to Mr. Ben, cheers!


Hello I’m Paco. I’m from Mexico and I’m trying to decide if programming is what I want to study on my career I’m 6 months away from beginning my career and I’m pumped up for starting the course. I REALLY like Programming and Photography. I’ve made simple (real simple) games on graphers like Processing or so.

I wish you all the best of lucks,


Hi everybody!
I’m Brandon, I have a passion for gaming and maths and I just graduated with a masters in maths this summer and am trying to gether some new skills to help me kickstart my career in the coming months.
I live in the UK and have some experience coding in maths programs like R, Maple and Matlab (which I’m told work fairly similarly to C++).
For my dissertation I had to work on simulating fluid physics within Matlab, and my dream job (which hopefully can wait until I am confident enough in my skills to apply) demands that I know alot more about physics simulation and coding relating to game engines. I am signed up to three courses, this C++ with Unreal one, the C# and Unity one, and the Unity physics course.
Cheers Ben and Sam, and good luck to everybody!


Hey all
I’m in the industry as it is but I’m looking to help expand my knowledge in my spare time. Hoping to learn the ins and outs of the unreal engine and maybe start something as a hobby.


Hey all, long, checkered past with C++ and game dev, trying to get back into both, good luck all!