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I have a plan on making a interactive animation


Hello all, Picked up this course in hopes of getting an understanding for coding with Games, I’ve a little experience with unreal as an engine but no experience with coding. Looking forward to learning


Hey guys, I’m Nick, from New Zealand. I’m a Professionally employed Narrative Designer for Grinding Gear Games (Path of Exile) and Orbus Online (Orbus VR). Primarily my work in the industry has been constrained to the narrative side of things, as that is my expertise and love, but I’m hoping this course will give me the skills to start working on my own games and give me a greater understanding of the underplay between game and story.


Hi there :slight_smile: I am looking forward to this new adventure. I have no familiarity with C++ the last language I learned was Cobol!! It is time to brush up my coding I think!


hi all. I’m a simply guy who want to learn how use UE4 for a future work in the sector of gaming designing. Thank’s for the course.


Welcome :slight_smile:


This is Sergio :slightly_smiling_face: !!
I am happy to be on this course and I really expect to learn a lot, since i have no experience with C++ and video game creation.


HI All!

I’ve got no experience with any coding language but I’m excited to begin to learn C++. I’m a recent graduate and who’s looking to add to my skills through learning to code.

All the best,



Hello everybody ^^ I have no experience coding outside of some basic javascript but I would love to learn C++. Cant wait to see what this course gives to me in terms of experience and knowledge.


Hi folks, looking forward to learning a new language for communicating with our future android overlords.


Hello all, happy to see some people are starting about the same time I am


Hello everyone, I’m super excited to take this course. I have my computer engineering degree and have always wanted to learn game development. Also I’m an American living in Portugal. Nice to meet everyone and have a huge community!


Heya all. I’m Ann and live in Norway. I’m a full time student in a Digital Marketing course. But since it’s vacation from school, I’m working on a game with a former student from a 3D Game Design course we took together. We are working in Unreal Engine 4 and when I got an offer for this unreal course, I didn’t want to miss out on the option of enhancing my programming and learning C++.


Hi all, My name is Steve and I am based in the UK. I am unable to work and have looked at unreal engine in the past so when i saw this course I thought it would be an ideal time to complete this course to expand my knowledge of C++ and unreal engine


Hello fellow future game devs! I’m probably just like many of you in the fact that I’m a gamer who wants to make the leap from playing game to making them. Good luck to you all, I look forward to learning as much as possible through the course. Hopefully I can answer questions later as I’m sure I will have a few I’ll be asking on my way through the course. :clinking_glasses:


Hi. I’m from Italy and always had a passion for programming. And Games. I have done some amateur stuff, mainly for X-Plane 10 and its add-ons but I would like to explore VR and its uses beyond games (i.e. rehabilitation, therapy etc…).
Hopes are high! The course looks promising so far! Let’s see how it goes.


Wanted to say Hi to everyone here.

I’m Rizwan Jabbar from Pakistan. I have joined this course to learn one of the very famous programming languages and to pursue my passion to develop and create games. Because this is the platform where one can dream, imagine, execute and share his ideas, his work with everyone. The feeling to create something out of nothing, itself is very motivational.

Looking forward to learn from you all :slight_smile:


Hey guys!
I’m Chris and this is the first Udemy course I am going to follow here and I am very exited! I have no prior knowledge of programming in C++ and that is the most scary part. I did a small course on GML and Javascript and learned the starting basics after that I go crazy! One of the problems for me is; I always want to know WHY we do stuff, what if I do something different? With programming I learned it is “swallow the info and just do it, learn why later”. Which is pretty hard for me. I hope this step by step course will help me out.

I mainly want to develop mobile games and have written a few GDD’s for it. I love to see so many different nationalities coming together here and lets finish it together! I will help where ever I can and I wish everyone good luck!


I’m excited to get started on this course. Have always wondered about Unreal.


Hi i’m new to game development i know a little bit about c++ and i hope to learn a useful stuff in this course.