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Hi my name is Rowan, from Australia. Just started the course, Just learning for the sake of learning. Cheers


Hi everyone !
My name is Angel, I’m 27, from Spain but living in Belgium. I’m happy to start this course with you !
All the best


Hey everybody!

My name’s Mitch, from the UK. Very excited to get to know you all and get to work!

Been searching for a creative outlet that could lead to a career for a long time now. Used to code with the Gamemaker and make Warcraft 3 mods in my youth (woo!) and I loved it, thought it was a bout time I stepped up and had a real go at this C++ lark.

I am so looking forward learning and with the hope of working realise my younger self’s dream of building some awesome, incredible and unforgettable gaming experiences and hopefully meeting some great collaborators to do it with.

I am also taking the Udemy course on C# in Unity, so if anyone’s over there too, I’ll see you in the discussion boards.

Let’s do this!


Good morning all, my name is Virgel and at the moment I’m just hoping the engine isn’t as unwieldy as the 2+ hour install is making it look. Anywho, I just started my own game company and I’m hoping Unreal will help me put together a demo for my first game. I was going to do it with Unity3D but they don’t like the idea of letting you change the scale of their world units without altering the underlying fundamentals of how gravity works… yeah, I’m no physicist so I’d just as soon not play with those things :imp:

Looking forward to getting started if the engine ever gets done validating itself…



My Name is Dean, and I’m from a the land of Oz. I’ve already done parts of this course, but I just invested in a beast of a computer because I’m serious about developing a few games, and wanted to take the course from the top again, and make the most of the resources available.

I hope everyone will be eager to help me out with testing and advice, and I will be active with helping out others as well. :slight_smile:


Hi there. Chris, also from Oz. Using this as an intro into coding. The gaming side will make it more fun.


Hello! I have some knowledge of C++ and have played around with unreal engine 4, but I was looking for something a little more structured to help me learn more programming skills. I am looking forward to starting the course!


Hello there!

I’m Rodrigo Acevedo, from Argentina. I’m a web developer who is learning game development to work in the industry in a future. The course seems great and I hope to learn all the skills neccesary to build my own videogames.

Greeting to all the community!


Hi there,

###Greetings !!! :slight_smile:

This is Chandan from India. I am a university student and love to build apps for Android and iOS. Gaming is my hobby and I would love to learn developing games.

###Cheers !!!


My name is Curtis Short. I live in Arkansas, USA. I love to play many different types of video games. I mostly play them on PC, but I also have a PS4. I have always been a fan of games that challenge my thoughts and everything that we as humans think we know. I have always been in how video games are made. I have attempted many different game development software on my own, but I can never understand what to do. I hope that this course will help me begin to understand game development. I look forward to learning alot in this course.


Hello! Anders from Sweden here, have some knowledge of c++ but have not been coding for a very long time in c++. This seems to be a great place to learn some of the stuff again :slight_smile:

Working full-time so this is just for my own entertainment!



Hello everyone!

12+ years as a professional designer, started out back in the days of Gamecube and the original X-Box
Although I have scripted quite a bit, it’s about time I get serious about programming :wink:

Looking forward to grind some gears with this awesome course and I hope I can be of service to all the other great folk all over the world that enlisted!

Inge fora!
//Localized for Anders :stuck_out_tongue:



I’m Leon from the Philippines. Just got the course today. I’m entering college this year under a game development program and I think this course can act as a springboard for my studies in the future.

The best way I’m able to learn is when someone else is teaching me through example, which is why I think this course will help me a ton and others who have similar learning styles. I look forward to completing the course!


Hello everyone! nice to meet you, looking forward to helping and getting helped by you guys.


Hi everyone!


Hey everyone! I’m an aspiring game Producer (I’ve been the producer on a couple indie/game jam projects) and am taking this course to learn a bit more about the actual programming and design sides of game development. As a Producer, the more I know about the tools my team uses, the better I can be at supporting them.


hey its nice to meet you pjskittles. My names chris, Im a well experieced gamer who has an interests in this field. Your expereince would be very valuable


Hey there, are you wanting to get into becoming a Producer?


Hello everyone,

I am new to programming but am eager to learn the tools of the trade. Let’s create some fun projects.


Hello there, I am lonely indie game dev from Myanmar, I was self-learning unreal engine for almost a year. But I want to systematically learn and want to see how professionals do in game development. That’s why I take this course.