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Hi, My name is Disheng Wang, hope i will finish the video and learn something! thanks


Whats Good Everybody!?

Places I Live In
Medford, OR
Salinas, CA


Hi from Romania everyone!

Been a programmer for about 5 years. I’ve been programming in C, C++, C# and Scala. I’ve always been interested in game development but never really did much about it, so here I am :slight_smile:


Hello from Texas (ATX)!

I want to improve my C++ skills and this seems like the best way(funnest) to do this. Coder by day and I wear a type certain type of hat by night…its more of a light grayish…:grin:


Hi, everyone! I’m Matthias from Idaho, I’m in college studying computer science, and I’m taking these game design courses to add on to the programming skills I’m learning at the university. I hope one day to work at Nintendo of America, or to just create my own games someday!


Hey everybody! I’m Zach from Tennessee, I’m a student at MTSU studying Information Systems. I’m taking this course because I want to be a game designer and one day hope to work for a large gaming company or create my own projects. I love computers and thank coding is a blast!


Hey everyone!

My name is Daniel and I started learning C++ and game development earlier this year and I hope to learn how to make games so I can create great games with immersive universes across a whole range of platforms, I want to also help many people get through the course as I progress by answering their questions. :smiley:


Hi! Thank you so much for publishing this course, can’t wait to get deep into it! :smiley:

EDIT: I totally forgot to introduce myself. I’m Laura, from Italy, and I’m studying Computer Engineering in University. I’m very passionate about videogames and that’s why (obviously) I want to learn how to program them.


Hi, Olá & Hola:
I am going to talk in three languages ENGLISH, SPANISH AND PORTUGUESE:

My name is Antonio, alias WonderPower, I have Studied Unity Advanced, although I studied AUTOCAD, 3DS MAX and ZBrush, I am now interested to learn more about Unreal Engine.

Other Studies: HTML5-CSS, Airplanes Technical Enginer

I have VIVE VR glasses and enough computers to make an Indi Study at my house in Madrid.
If you are interested please contact with me.

I, am very happy to study this course close to you even mmany of you live very long from here.

We have an interest in common and that’s nice.


Mi nombre es Antonio, alias WonderPower, he estudiado Unity Advanced, aunque he estudiado AUTOCAD, 3DS MAX y ZBrush, ahora estoy interesado en aprender más sobre Unreal Engine.

Otros Estudios: HTML5-CSS, Airplane Technical Enginer

Tengo las gafas VIVE VR y computadoras suficientes para hacer un estudio Indi en mi casa de Madrid.
Si usted está interesado por favor póngase en contacto conmigo.

Estoy muy contento de estudiar este curso cerca de ustedes, incluso muchos de ustedes viven muy lejos de aquí.

Tenemos un interés en común y eso es bonito.



Meu nome é Antonio, alias WonderPower, eu tenho estudado Unity Advanced, embora eu estudei AUTOCAD, 3DS MAX e ZBrush, estou agora interessado em saber mais sobre o Unreal Engine.

Outros Estudos: HTML5-CSS, Engenheiro Técnico de Aviões

Tenho oculos VIVE VR e computadores suficientes para fazer um Estudo Indi na minha casa em Madrid.
Se você estiver interessado entre em contato comigo.

Eu, estou muito feliz em estudar este curso perto de você mesmo alem de você viver muito longe daqui.

Temos interesse em comum e isso é lindo.



Hello Community!

I am an audio visual artist in the Chicago area learning unreal and code right now. C++ will be my second language this month and I am pretty excited. I want to use the skills from this course to create real time augmented reality installations that interact with people, be manipulated in real time, can be updated remotely or locally, and essentially re-skin the world with real time graphics from the unreal engine.

I also DJ, produce, animate, design stages, and program intelligent lighting. Excited for the opportunity to bring all that together.


Hello everyone!


Hello, my name is Ernest and I am really looking forward to learning about the process of making games.


I’m unsure if this is the place to post this message, if not perhaps it could be moved appropriately.

I’ve just started the course and there’s a couple of things I’d like to change but don’t know how to go about it so perhaps someone could help.

(1) I would like to disable the AutoPlay feature which automatically starts playing the next video. I can’t see anywhere where this can be changed.

(2) I also would prefer not to have each video I start, open up in maximized view mode - At the moment, I want to keep the course outline (resources pane) open at all times, and have the video occupy the remainder of the screen. If I want to view it larger, there’s already a maximize option at the bottom right of the video. Having to constantly re-enable the resources pane (along with the auto-play feature), is becoming a bit annoying.

(2a) As a side note, it would be nice if the resources pane could be made wider/narrower like other split-pane apps, but i can live with it the way it is if that’s not possible.

Again, my apologies if this the wrong place to post this.



Hi Xennon,

Thanks for your message :slight_smile:

These issues are related to the Udemy interface, rather than our course. As we have no control over this please get in contact with Udemy directly over at

All the best,
Part of the team


Silly me, I’m almost done with the escape scenario, and it occurs to me I haven’t introduced myself or done much in the way of posting. Ben, I love the forums here, much easier to work with than the Udemy forums (which were what was in vogue when I took the Unity course).

Not a newbie to programming (I got started in High School on a main frame back in the early 80s, and have always been doing some sort of programming or another. Long ago, I was quite fluent in Assembly language for both the old Apple II processors and the 8086 (the backbone of the old IBM XT). My favorite programming language for years was Pascal (Delphi), but that’s pretty much out of fashion these days. I am fairly fluent in C++ already, but it’s been a number of years since I’ve used it as the primary language for an app.

I taught myself Java and wrote an app for the Android a couple of years ago. I’ve been interested since in using engines like Unity and Unreal. I took the Unity course (that was my first exposure to C#, which I tend to think of as what would happen if C++ and Java had a love child.). Great course, by the way, Ben!.
Even though I’m not a novice with C++, I did run the lessons from the beginning. I actually recommend this to any other C++ fluent course takers, it’s gets your mind in rhythm for the rest of the course.

At first, I thought I wasn’t going to like Unreal as much as Unity, but that’s quickly changing. It does seem the compile times are a bit longer than Unity (I’m runnind a Core i7, but only 8 gigs of Ram, and the graphics card is pretty vanilla).

Anyways, I’m made all you folks scroll through enough rubbish about me. Looking forward to tearing into this course.


Just wanted to stop by and say hey! This is a course I’m very excited to tackle!


Dropping by to say hi. I’m a writer and game designer, but I also worked as an artist and composer. I’ve always wanted to learn how to code, but I have little to no knowledge in coding. I hope to get the most out of this course and learn a lot with you guys.


Hello everyone! Excited to start this course!! Like a lot of you, have always had a passion for wanting to create games but just didn’t know where to begin. So this looks like a great course to get started. I am also looking into Unity but will worry about it after completing this course. If Ben has a beginner course on Unity that’s much like this one, I’m certainly up for it as well. Good luck to all and may we all succeed!


Me too :slight_smile:


Hello everyone, just dropping by to say hi to the community and everyone signed up for this course :slight_smile: I’ve only gone through the very first videos but I’m already quite excited about what’s to come and looking forward to participate with you guys. I hope all of you are succeeding and having fun with the course. And of course, I hope I will too!