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Hello, I’m Jay and live in Brighton UK. I’m a UX designer and artist that loves games, coding and learning how people do ordinary things in extraordinary ways. I’ve taken a mini sabatical from my contract to do this course and I’m enjoying it very much.


Heyoo~! I’m an engineering student from Finland, I’m bored with my study line so I decided to try something new on my hours off from schoolwork and this looked very interesting :D! I wish everyone the best with this course!!!


Hi everyone! I just recently joined with a mindset of changing to a different career path someday. I hope that we all get along well :smiley:


Hello! I wanted a career change and decided to follow my passion of coding and games, I am looking forward to this course!


I’m Joe and I’m from Alaska and I’m active military. I’ve ignored my passion for games for too long! I’m currently looking for a way to teach myself how to become a game developer with ZERO prior knowledge in game development. It’s a (recently discovered) dream of mine to eventually work for Bioware or a similar company after my service. Very ambitious goal, I know, but we all start somewhere! I love chatting with people with similar goals/dreams/desires so if you feel like it, say “hello”!


Excited to begin this course! I’ve been programming a while now, but I’ve been mainly playing with algorithms for competitions. I’m very happy to now finally develop some fun games!

By the way, do you use a teleprompter or a script, Ben? Very fluid speech!



Hi my name is Andrew,
From my understanding you can do everything from AI shooter games in VR to basic fun stick figure games.

P.S one of my assignments was to find a question and answer it.
Congratulations to you. lol

Best of luck!


Hello everyone, I have a basic understanding of coding but really looking to expand my knowledge, create video games, and have a great time while doing it. Looking forward to future lessons and helping one another during this journey!



My name is Adam, I am a Geologist / Geodesy and Geomatics Engineer from Canada currently living in Sao Paulo, Brasil. I would like to apply the Unreal Engine and programming to my career and hopefully switch into the IT industry. I am very excited to start this journey!


Hi everyone ever since I learnt java at school I always wanted to make video games. I hope this course could help me with that goal.


Greetings! Been trying to find an affordable course for gamedeveloping for ages and found this course on sale! Really looking forward to just dive into it, already done a basic course in C# but that was quite sometime ago so looking forward getting into programming again :smiley:


Hello a Swede here. Always been interessted in coding and games in general so i’m here to learn



Took a C++ course in college but that was 3 years ago and been in IT Networking ever since. Looking to relearn C++ and maybe have some fun doing so in the Unreal Engine. I am from Houston Texas but currently reside in Big D.


Hello Everyone,

My real name is Brandon Messick. In games/online I usually go by the name Cryptix Durden. I enjoyed playing video games all my life and always wanted to make fun video games. I’m looking forward in completing this course to get a better understanding of C++ with Unreal Engine.


Hello everyone.

Long-time gamer and PC enthusiast, here. I recently made a transition into sole proprietorship and am looking to spend my remaining time to return to projects I set aside in the past. The Unreal series are games I grew up with. I’m ready to commit, and I’m looking forward to applying this knowledge toward my goals.

I wish you all good luck and encourage you to keep at it.


I just started this course, I developed some games in JavaScript for the browser and I work as a Software Engineer, is not my first time with C++ but is my first time using it to create games. I’m very excited about what can I achieve doing this course.


Hi from Spain!

I work developing games in Javascript and with the Unity engine, but this course seems like a great oportunity to learn very interesting things about the Unreal world.

Have fun everyone! :musical_note:


Hi from Germany!

Im working as a c# and Unity3D Developer in Düsseldorf, Germany and trying to broaden my knowledge about all kinds of stuff like engines, shaders etc. So i think this course is a very good thing to work and learn with :slight_smile:

Have fun!


I’m really excited to learn about game coding.


Just saying hello…