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v2%20-%20defencive v2%20-%20defencive

v2%20-%20flag v2%20-%20flag

v2%20-%20offencive v2%20-%20offencive

I forgot to drop the background.


potion potion

spellbook spellbook

sword sword

bow bow



The Robe’s red lining is supposed to highlight enchanted item.

I am the least satisfied with gloves - both the silhouette and the bloodieg gloves version.

Still, it was fun and is a very neat way to keep my icons consistent.


Some nice silhouetted items above. Here are mine, continuing the theme and colours from the last one. The selection tools are great fun and helped with the borders. Learning the keyboard shortcuts has helped so much and I’m starting to feel like a keyboard warrior with this software.

Items are Shield (broken), Gun, Ammo and Grenade


placeholder axe : axePlaceholder and the axe: axe-icon

placeholder shield: longSield-01 and the shield: longSield-icon



Amazing what you guys did. This time I put more effort into it as well, and I’m quite happy with the result (especially with the latter two, as these had a bit more “roundness” to them - something that I struggle with):

sword - a sword
glaive - a glaive? (not sure what it’s called)
wand - a wand
bow - a bow


Placeholder icons and their silhouettes: bomb, bow, lightning and caltrop.


I wasn’t sure where I was going with this but I came up with disabled icons for fire, a pickaxe, fish, and a watering can:



Empty slots for potion bottle, sword, shield, and axe
potion Sword Shield2 Axe2


Didn’t really have much time to do all 4 silhouettes but here’s what I could do!

Thought about some star ranking system.

And why not, some good ol ham


Here’s what I managed, I used different backgrounds just because I wanted to experiment.




I decided to try out a few different formats just to see how they looked while getting more comfortable using all the tools of GIMP.

hourglass The first one is an hourglass.
fishingPoleOutline My second one is a fishing pole. I think this one is my favorite out of the four.
bowOutline Then I did a bow.
boatOutline And my final outline is for a boat.

I think all of the outlines could use some work, and I’d like to revisit these using a common theme with a GUI in mind. If I did this again, I’d also create the item that I’d be making the silhouette for so it makes more sense for matching colors.


First%20Icons%20-%20Defensive%20weapon-Silhouette Defensive%20weapon

First%20Icons%20-%20Offensive%20weapon-Silhouette Offensive%20weapon

First%20Icons%20-%20Special%20Power-Silhouette 4%20icons%20Special%20Power



WeaponDefensive WeaponDefensiveV2 WeaponOffensive WeaponOffensiveV2


Wiesiek’s icons:
Cie%C5%84%20pistoletu%2064x64 pistolet%2064x64


Spear ==> Spear_Sil
Sword ==> Sword_Sil
Axe ==> Axe_Sil
Shield ==> Shield_Sil