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Some placeholder and there images once acquired. Tried to stick to a 10 min time limit. Not sure if the colours or themes are working. There is always another pass.

Thanks learning heaps.


Hi Mike. Great job so far. One possible addition to the selection tools section is to introduce the Selection Editor (Windows->Dockable Dialogs->Selection Editor). It’s a black and white depiction of your current selection, which can be very handy when working with complex selections. You may not want to go into all of the things it can do, but mentioning that it exists, and using it to illustrate what happens when you invert the selection might be helpful at this point.


I attempted to make the silhouettes look like they were indented in stone. I feel this idea could work quite well in a dungeon crawler as slot icons hinting to what can fill them :slight_smile:



Here are my placeholders created utilizing the selection tools…


Garden Rake

Watering Can

Pruning Shears


Here are my placeholders:




Ear Rings:


My key one looks best. It has depth and looks like the key can just be placed in the open space.


Here are my Placeholders




Mana / Health Potion



I’m finding it helpful to check these threads for others’ submissions when I’m feeling a bit stuck. If you see something in one of mine you think I stole the idea of from you, I did!

EDIT: Never mind, I said something here which was covered in “Modifying your Selections” later.




Placeholders for the items in a character equipment window.



Mhm, not too pleased with how this went, but eh!

Sword - PlaceholderHourglass - Placeholderscifihelmet - placeholderGun - Offensive - Placeholder


My placeholders. :slight_smile:
Attempted to add a bit of “drop shadow” to give the impression of depth. Did this by selecting only the inner part and then painting some edges with the paintbrush tool with black color. Finally, the “shadow” layer was given 50% opacity.

Lecture 22 - Selection - 01 - Gun

Lecture 22 - Selection - 02 - Shield

Lecture 22 - Selection - 03 - Fireball (or something splash-ey)

Lecture 22 - Selection - 04 - Castle… ( why not? :smile: )



Silhouette-Nunchuku Nunchuks!

Silhouette-Goblet Holy Grail

Silhouette-Potion Potion (or small moonshine jug)

Silhouette-Toilet I’ll bet adventurers have to go potty, too.

To give the silver-whitish outine, I selected the object with the fuzzy select, grew the selection by 1 px (Selection menu => Grow...), and then subtractive selected the main object.


Shuriken Shuriken

Flash Light Flash Light

Dual Swords Dual Swords

Cat Juice Cat (was thinking as a stealth item)


this was a lot of fun.
Sword Socket
Head Socket
Body Socket
Legs Socket


Missing Icon - 03 - Potion

Missing Icon - 02 - Flower

Missing Icon - 01 - Cat

Missing Icon - 04 - Feather


This one was tough so I allowed myself a little more time for it! I’m happy with the results - but I think there’s lots of room for improvement. Like other people here I went for the chiseled out of stone look.

Star Ninja star (or just a star… or god forbid a fidget spinner)
Sword Sword - pretty happy with this, I think the straight lines made it easier
Arrow An arrow - this was tricky to shade
Runes This is supposed to be a slot where a player must insert the correct runes - perhaps for a puzzle.


Sword2 Sword

Shield2 Shield

Potion Potion

Coin3 Coin