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These are the fire spells I made back in the lecture about “Using The Paintbrush & Airbrush” where we were to make fire icons.
This time however they have yet to be acquired!






pistol pistol

speed speed

time time

bomb bomb


staff 2 shield silhousette sword silhousette axe silhousette


Here we go:
I followed along with the sword one cause I didn’t quite understand the challenge and then I made 3 of my own using images from before.

sword place holdershield  splace holdermagic place holderaxe place holder
the flame one I can see as maybe what it’d be for a cool down




acorn acorn
flower flower
Spray bottle spray bottle
Tree tree


SwordOutline EnergySword

ShieldOutline ShieldObtained

FireSpell' FireSpellObtained

FireSpell2Outline FireSpell2Obtained

Definitely could’ve done a better job with the background :o


Here my work on this session :slight_smile:



Here’s something I did. I’m pretty surprised by Gimp’s pattern fill, it actually gives nice effects when dealing with low pixel count. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Bow silhouette The shape of a bow is pretty tough imo.
Potion silhouette
Fist silhouette
Hammer silhouette

I’ve seen some very nice ones posted here for sure!


Staff and it’s sillhouette:

StaffTwoStaffTwo & Sillouette

Shield and it’s sillhouette:

Shield Shield & Sillouette

Round shield and it’s sillhouette:

LectureShield LectureShield & Sillouette

Energy sword and it’s silhouette:

Sword Sword & Sillouette


Challenge Sec 2 Lec 21 - Selection Tool - Shield Shield

Challenge Sec 2 Lec 21 - Selection Tool - Fist Fist

Challenge Sec 2 Lec 21 - Selection Tool - Stick Stick

Challenge Sec 2 Lec 21 - Selection Tool - Sword Sword


Potion and silhouette
Lesson 21 ChallengeLesson 21 Challenge1

Coin and its silhouette
Lesson 21 Challenge3Lesson 21 Challenge2
Helmet and its silhouette
Lesson 21 Challenge4Lesson 21 Challenge5
Scimitar and its silhouette
Lesson 21 Challenge7Lesson 21 Challenge6



My laser gun and shield from before as silluette and a lasersword


Not sure how i feel about these, but it was good practice none the less.
All i did was basically add grey over my icons with the transparency turned to 85% while adding highlights and shadow. I’m sure the more i mess around with these, the easier it will be to decide on a style i would like to use.

Nice seeing what everyone else came up with, thanks for sharing guys!


Really enjoying the course so far. Great job Mike!
Here are my icons, needs more polishing, but quite happy with them.
Sword SwordPlace
Shield ShieldPlaceIcon
FireballIcon FireballPlace
CandleIcon CandlePlace
TorchIcon TorchPlace


duck silhouettekevlar silhouette
bit lazy stuck to two :slight_smile:


Here are mine.
Spear: NoSpearIcon SpearIcon

Fireball: NoFireballIcon FireballIcon

Whirlpool: NoWhirlpoolIcon WhirlpoolIcon

Lightning: NoLightningIcon LightningIcon


I decided to use my bow, shield and phoenix from previous challenges.

Bow Bow1

Shield Shield

Fire_4 Fire_4