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FireBall Fireball
FireExplosion Fire explosion
knife_icon_b-red Knife
red-bas-icon empty
QuestionMark question marker

made a icon bar out of this in a new gimp file with layers


Burger: shrinked ellipse selection with gradient for the bread part.
Hot Dog: the reverse of burger to paint inside the bread part.
Cucumber (sliced): used boarder selection (1pxl) for the outer ring of the slices.
Fries: inverted background selection to paint the fragrant steam coming off the potatoes.
Darn it, now I’m hungry!
selectmodburger selectmodhotdog selectmodcucumber selectmodfries


Here are my selection modifiers:



Variations on a simple image of an apple
Shrink Grow Border All3


run out of ideas ot forth one… so just made simple fill with shadow :wink:HelmetEyeBallPaintingRune


I know I need to try and be more original with my ideas, but I’m still working on my ‘creativity’.


28 px black circle > fuzzy select > shrink select 5 px > fill white
7 px white circle > fuzzy select > grow selcet 5 px > fill black
17 px black circle > fuzzy > grow 8 px > 1 px border select > fill black


New set of special powers:
4%20new%20icons-Selection%20Border%20Grow - mushroom boost (border tool with grow)

4%20new%20icons-Selection%20Grow - night vision (grow tool)

4%20new%20icons-Selection%20Grow%20Border - blessing (border+growth to make the body stand slightly more out from the background gradient)

4%20new%20icons-Selection%20Shrink - sonic fish attack (shrink with pattern fill of warning tape gradient and then recoloring)


target This was done with the shrink selection. Just a plain target.
swordGlow This sword glow was done with the grow selection. Also border selection for border.
chest This chest had the border selection for the frame around it.
handaura This was made by using border selection and grow selection. It’s a hand with an aura of evil magic around it. I learned from this that hands are difficult lol.


Any Border Grow Shrink


Wooden Club


Wiesiek’s homework:
Czapka%20Miko%C5%82aja%2064x64 kwiatek%2064x64 %C5%BB%C3%B3%C5%82w%2064x64 Kielich%2064x64