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Spinning Top


Very nice


Whew! This was tough. These selection modifiers only fit very specific parts of my workflow. So I had to get kind of creative(and maybe redundant) to use them, but here’s what I managed :slight_smile:

Used the shrink modifier to make the inner shield piece.

Grew and then moved to give my box a drop shadow.

Border select to give my monitor a border.

And then used various selection modifiers for an in-stone silhouette.

Not my favorite challenge, but I’m sure I’ll appreciate knowing how to use these in the Future. Now off to the next one!! :grin:


I used “shrink” twice to create different shading on my Praying Mantis.

I used “grow” to add an outline around the wings on my Bee.

I used “border” to add highlighting around my spider.

I used “border” to make a traditional looking border for my Ladybug.


Clearly, I’m in the lower half of the skills levels. :smile:
However, here are mine.
Not a very good ghost, but another time.
Pirates tombstone. Did border and resize, link layers.
It’s a chalice casting a shadow.
This is supposed to be a ring with a glowing jewel. Used border to make the ring and then made a second one off center to give it depth.


I went for a Key and a Treasure Chest Icon :


The rings were made by shrinking an elliptical selection and filling with a gradient.

Vertigo! Grew the selection starting from Pixely James Stewart.

Black bordered fireball

Remade the outline of my lantern placeholder using border selection and filling with a gradient.




Here we are did some work with different items:






Leaf - SM - ShrinkLaser - SM - AllRadar - SM - GrowPlanet - SM - Border


Lecture 27 - Selections - 01 - Shrinking the circular selection and moving it up/left in order to create a 3D-ish glow.

Lecture 27 - Selections - 02 - Growing the selection to create an outline around the gun icon (that i had to shrink first, in order to make place for the outline in the image).

Lecture 27 - Selections - 03 - Olympic rings! :slight_smile: Which should not really be intersecting sideways, only diagonally, when I compared to an image.

Lecture 27 - Selections - 04 - Created a tubular kind of shape by creating circular selections then using Border on them. Created larger and larger circles, and filled with lighter color for each circle.


cube I used the Shrink Selection to make the background corners smaller

Gem I was going for a glow effect on the gem in the middle with Grow Selection

Hammer Border selection was used to give the hammer the outline

RoundedIcon I used a mix of Ellipsis and Rectangle selections to make a rounded corner icon, having been inspired by @Manu_Scheller and @Stage in other posts.


You did a great job, i like it :slight_smile:


Thought these skills would work well in making planets and space related stuff:

Earth Moon and Sun Used shrink to go from Earth, to Sun, to Moon

Rings Used growth and border to help with making the rings

Overshadowed Core Shrink and border helped create the planetary cross-section

Line of Planets Growth helped with this line of planets


chocolate_cookie Used shrink to create cookie’s shadow

axe_placeholder Used border to add chiseled in look to the axe

rune_sword Used growth to add fire effect around the blade

ice_staff Created ice wizard’s staff and used growth to create ice effect around the crystal


Eclipse Eclipse - blacked out area by shrinking the sun
Flaming Sword Glowing sword for some reason…? Done with multiple layers of grow selections
Trimmed Helm Gold trimmed helmed using border select
Energy Shield An energy shield, once again using grow


I think I used the shrink and border modifiers for the apple, and then I lost track for all the others, but I’m sure I used them all :slight_smile:

Fruits 01 - Green Apple

Fruits 01 - Grapes

Fruits 01 - Banana

Fruits 01 - Pear


Very Nice :+1:


Inspired by Achilles’s entry of food.

GlowyCarrot_ByShrinking - Shrink selection
Grow'dAnEggplant - Grow Selection.
borderselectedBagel - Border selection.
Pretzel - Various Selection.