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Mario grow - Grow selection to do Flames.
Coin - Shrink selection to do shading
Box - Border selection to do border.
Enemy - Elipse selection to do face and grow selection to do shadow.


Green PotUsing Border to make “shiny” potionPurple Pot

Red Laser Simple laser using Grow and Gradient


Awesome. Any tips? so I could draw like you :slight_smile:


compass Compass - Shrink select

Poison Poison - Grow select

scissors Scissors - Border select

mailbox Mail


Ring of fire Black sun - Shrink

Sword of valor Flaming sword - Grow select

Wooden Shield Shield copy - Border slect

Untitled Another shield


Target First I created the huge white circle, and kept shrinking/coloring the selection to create each section
SwordSelected Used grow select to make blue outline, placed it in a separate layer so I can change it whenever
Fireballs Border select
Planet Neat planet I made using shrink. This one was fun, I’ll consider making all the planets and the sun on one image :wink:

I felt like I’ve improved alot these past challenges, thanks to the lectures and also the inspiration from the other posters here :slight_smile:


Pizza's Random pizza’s using grow selection
Potion silhouette_a nice brew Used border selection for an outline of the potion
Hammer silhouette eluminated Eluminated hammer using border selection and shrink
Shield with ruby and a shield with an emblem using the shrink selection tool


Potion Shrink Selection to make border Potion using shrink
Veridian Edge Samurai Sword using border
Dart Board Dart board using Grow
Wing Boots Speed boots


Didn’t get too creative with this one.

Used the excuse of doing more images to do a Cloak, and used shrink to do the inside of the boarder.
Wizard Cloak

Followed the lecture for the shield but changed the colours.

And I made boarders/highlights for my weapons during the last lecture:
StaffTwo Hilighted Sword Two Boarder


Border This is using the border
free This is using free choices
Grow This Is using Grow
Shrink This is using Shrink



using diffrent selections on eyes and beaks. Could become avatas for a bird game xD.




I love potions and I’ve got a magic sword



Fire Halberd

Kite Shield

Dark Bomb

Sacred Urn


male duckbottle

These techniques are really cool!


I went for a potions theme and used various selecting methods in both of them.
To begin with I used border select (both circular and rectangular) for creating the overall potion bottle shape, filled it in.
Inverted the selection and created a gradient background.
Then used fuzzy select for selecting the created shape again and shrinked the edge. Gradient for liquid. Grew the border by 1 and used the border select to create a more defined outline. A few more tweaks to make them look more like potion bottles e.g corks and liquid level.
Could have also used the Colorize function I found under Colors but decided to do the bottles twice for the sake of exercise :slight_smile:

Potion%20HP Potion%20MP






c26%20-%20selections%20-%20eraser c26%20-%20selections%20-%20pencil

Just experimenting. Used the selection tools to create borders, etc. Then I did a gausion blur filter. And added a gradient background.


Made a game icon being frozen progression:

I had coloured noise layers with masks. The masks were then grown/shrunk/bordered/whatnot to change the effect on the icon and the border around the image.