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I would be interested in seeing “a proper” (as you put it) game designer have a crack at it!


@Rick_Davidson you up for the challenge?


@ben @sampattuzzi
Yeah, would love to have a crack at it! Perhaps Sam and I can put our heads together about the best way to get me up to speed.


Two ways up to the top platform. It’s doable, I think, but I never made it in this video.

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Looking good Todd!

Aye would love to have a lecture from a game design specialist :slight_smile:

Finding the gateway to meth was not easy…

It leads nowhere !

Except for a nice downward spiral to the Kill Z! :star_struck::

wait no friends, come back to my hamachi server!

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Great suspense. A video would be amazing.

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Gamedev does not like snagit video files way over 100k so you tube it is

Below are some screenshots of a basic level design I did.
I tried to make it slightly more challenging by making some moving platforms serve
the purpose of being obstacles.

I think to make platforming fun some math for the magnitude (length of the platform route) should be
used so there is a specific timing.
When I analyze platform games while I play them such as Rayman or Mario, often
there is a route that you can run through all in one go (without pauze) if you got the skill.

Nothing special IMO, but it was of use for getting a general feel for these kind of games.
Even got me excited to make a concept for a retro style platform game (psx/n64).

A video would be overkill I think, but I like following up on the suggestions each lesson to come to this community.

Edit: The screenshots weren’t in the right order, they should be now.

Thanks for sharing this. Keep up the great work. Love that the goal glows so you know where to head. Good observation regarding the synchronisation of platforms.

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Here is the first level of my game. I am going for a challenging puzzle/maze game. You have to solve challenges, jump at the right time, face the clock and eventually use the help of a second player. I am focusing on building the architecture of these maps so it provides a challenge to players and helps build my level design. I also want to implement blocks that fall. That way I can provide a fire to get the player moving or fall and lose. I am making single player and multiplayer levels. Figuring out new ideas and puzzles. I am happy with my first level. Basic, easy but interesting. I am going to push myself with every level to be something new and challenging. Here is the video! Enjoy!


Presenting: Test Level 6: Acrophilia!

Whether you end up hopping on to the final platform or not, the ominous text changes into a celebratory cheer!

Queue soulful music

And finally, I succeeded in my own puzzle ;_;

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I like what im seeing from everyone!

I just went with a basic platform jumping level. I am mostly using this course for a better understanding on the multiplayer elements of Unreal 4, but i might take some time and make it better:

  1. work in some death mechanics later (mostly just teleport a user back once they hit a trigger box)
  2. simple moving items to knock you off
  3. More multiplayer focused options and triggers(two players need to carry objects to the end to open a door)


But for right now enjoy the simple Rustic Jumphouse:

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Loving the work guys! Keep applying those tweaks and posting!

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