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Hello there! Can’t wait to start coding on UE4 :smiley:


Hey, I’m Jasmine. I want to learn all there is to know about game design/development. I also really love video games. I went to a camp about Unreal and it really interested me along with just learning C++.


Hi!, I´m Max(:
My Hobby its play videogames, so i started to search something that could help me to program, learn and help me to start school with a good language of C++ for example, and become a good game developer(:


Hello, Godfrey here!

Recently signed up for this course because I’ve been looking for some way (Any way at all) to get my first taste of game design so I can make my way into the industry. I’m coming into this with very little exposure, but I’m really looking forward to learning all that I can from everyone!



Hello. My name is Nathan. I hail from Christchurch. I just filled out my profile! I’m doing this course to learn more about other platforms to work on. I did some programming in c#, and so learning c++ i thought was a good idea. My interest mainly is in web development, and in that, app development. So the reason I’m doing this course is to get as much exposure to technology as possible. I’m also learning ruby on rails at the moment. In my work I’ve made apps for both Android and iOS, and been exposed to a range of technologies while working mostly on using phones as smart devices. Hello to all the unity developers! I’ve lead a project using unity before :slight_smile: Good to expose yourself to other technology. Hello everyone else too! Seems like everyone’s spread out around the world!


Hello my name is Shawn Hedgecoe. I am very excited to gain knowledge from this course to further pursue my dream job in the computer animation and gaming field. Thank you for creating this course I appreciate everything that I will be learning from you



My name is Jared Cotta, age 20. I’ve been playing video games since the age of 5 years old. Video games have been a lifelong hobby for me and something I enjoy greatly. I’ve been trying to decide upon a career for a while now, and had a thought… why not develop something that I have a true passion for? I have a ways to go, but I’m excited about the prospects of sharing my passion through development with others!


Hello everybody,my name is Zixuan Zhang, I’m a college student in china which maior is architecture.Just start learn C++ to design game. Nice to become a part of our courser.
Learning together and become better, and never take this for grander.


Hello Everybody!

My name is Guilherme. I’m from Brazil, and I’m beginning with other fellow a Game Dev project. I have some skills in C++ and Unity. I have Other Courses of Gavedev.TV. They are just great.


My name is Maciej and I am from Poland. I started to learn C++ in school, so I have basic knowlegde. I am excited about this course and expect a lot of fun from making games :slight_smile:


Future MD,
Broke college grad with no income;
I will be making a game. If all goes well this course will be all I need to get my game out on the app store.
From there if all goes well I wont have to worry about working during school…

Let’s find out.


Hey my name is Brendon Dasilva I was born with a rare condition that allowed me to be born with a video game controller on my hands ofcourse it’s an universal controller it works with any consol lol but I’ve recently been getting into how video games work and it has peaked my interest into how to make a video game so I said hey 12$ why not and here I am hello world!


Hi there! Computer Engineer and iOS app developer, I have some experience with Unity and C#, but I wanted to dive into Unreal engine and C++, which is a language I studied from an academic point of view, and I really want to see it applied to gaming.


Hello everyone, my name is Jordan. When I was seven years old, I remember my dad would bring home broken computers and I would just spend hours watching him work on them to get them functioning again. Then at age eight I went through some of his abandoned computers, grabbing all the best parts, and built one for myself. It didn’t work. Turned out I had one of the IDE cables in backwards. Since then, I’ve loved to build and work on computers, but I’ve never gone much further than hardware and OS. So, I’m super excited to be learning C++ so that I can go further and do more with these devices. Thank you fellow learners for reading this and for any help or support you may give. And thank you Ben and Sam for all the time and effort you put into this. I’m super excited to get started!


Hi,My Name is Supreme Datta.I purchased this awesome course a few days back…I am having a doubt…I created an acoount in this website…but I want to post questions/say something .e.t.c…Can someone please guide me out… Thanks in advance…


Hello everyone!

My name is Manuel and I’m making the transition from contemporary classical music (performing and composing), to video game design/development/programming due to my passions being plentiful and diverse. Did my undergraduate work in music and hope to now chase my dream of collaborating on a development team to produce something that I can be proud of, while contributing to the community I fell in love with from an early age.

Don’t give up on your dreams, despite how “unrealistic;” if you stop trying, you’ve already failed.


Hello everyone !
My name is Alvin Yang, I’m from Taiwan. I want to learn all about game design or development. Since I was young, I am very love video game. I hope that one day I can make more perfect games by hand. The unreal engine is the baby steps for me.


Hola a todos!

I’m Jose Ruiz, and I’m from Spain. Last year I enrolled in a Game Design postgraduate, in which I had the opportunity to participate in a joint project with students from other three postgraduate courses to develop a game in UE4.

My actual career is Fine Arts, specialized in Graphic Design, and I’ve always been interested in the technical side of my vocation, such as Web Design. I started dabbling in computer design and development through modding, and although I’ve never learned proper scripting, I’ve gotten very used to the “mindset” thanks to script modding and pseudo-programming language (Skyrim mods, anyone? lol). I’m a very curious and handy guy, as eager to dive into the guts of a computer as happily as to work on a digital illustration.

In the postgraduate project I mention, I started as part of the Design team but quickly got hooked to Blueprint Visual Scripting, and interestingly, after the course ended and the group continued as an indie project, I ended as the lead “programmer” (since the actual programmers let us down very badly). Recently I felt like I hit the ceiling with BPs, and one of my project partners referred me to this course.

So here I am! A pleasure to meet you all and let’s enjoy this. :smile:

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Hi there!
I am Marc, from Montréal.
I already published a couple of games on Android, using the java library libGDX. After 3 years on libGDX, I decided to try more advanced framework. Thus I worked on Unity for ~10 months and now I am trying UE4.


hello Marc, i’m Omar, i just started this course and really looking forward to learn all this.