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Hello, My name is omar, i’m really looking forward for this course, i have a very basic knowledge of UE4 and almost none in coding, i’m hoping to learn everything from scratch and will probably be asking a lot of questions here



Good afternoon (from Torrance, California).

My name is Thirapit Siri–you may call me Peter–and I am just beginning to take full advantage of Unreal Engine in the process building my resume and portfolio. I have completed my college course on data structures with C++, so I did have ample experience writing code. I am hoping to reap the full benefit of this course, and I am looking forward to get to know you guys along my path.



Hello, everyone! My name is Donna. I enjoy working with computers, playing games and learning about most things. I know a little programming, but my knowledge is quite hit-or-miss, and I figured it was time to follow a more structured path. I am enjoying this course very much and am happy to be on this journey with you all.

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My name is SharonRose. I am a university student studying Computer Science and I am a future Software Engineer.

I am interested in making games for fun and hopefully one day I will make be able to make money from doing something that I enjoy. I am interested in VR, AI, and games and one day I will work for big tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Sony and Apple and hopefully eventually I will be able to work for myself making millions :wink: . I am a beginner in C++ and I am excited for all the things that I am about to learn. I hope this course is worth it!

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Hello guys,This is Ashwin from India.
I am a beginner in game developing and i hope to learn more things from this course and this community.
Looking forward. Thank you.



Hi Guys,
Salutations lovely people.
Looking to integrate Unreal in a realtime VFX pipeline. Starting with this course to understand it properly.

Good luck gang and let me know if there is anything I could help you with!




Just starting this new Unreal engine course, trying to find out how to post, write in this website :D. Anyway, have a good evening and good luck in learning!



Good morning,

I’m Michele. I admin on a gaming server. Our admin team is learning Unity and Unreal in order to improve our experience as well as update and picking up mods that the modders don’t want to do anything with anymore.



Sup people!!!
My name is Seth and I really like games!!!
So I decided to take the Unreal Engine C++ Developer: Learn C++ and Make Video Games.
So far it’s really GREAT and EASY to understand!!!
Thank you so much for the course!!!