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Hello! My name is David. Found this course and I’ve always wanted to start learning game dev but never really did. So here I am, better late than never. I’m exited to learn from these course how to build my own worlds and learn c++.


Hi ! i 'm Dan,
i want to know how to make game with unreal engine.


Hi my name is Robert I do not speak English very well but i m enjoining the community


Hello everyone! My name is Vladyslav Kulinych, I am from Ukraine, but currently, i am living and studying IT in Poland. Video games were always my passion. Not only playing but also coming up with an interesting game and story concepts. Lately, I have been just brimming with all sorts of different intriguing ideas about making a game.

Have been learning GameMaker Studio 1 and 2 on YouTube for almost half a year now and have somewhat of a good idea on how to make pretty interesting games, but I want my struggle to not be meaningless and futile. And since GameMaker Studio is a very good IDE for indy game devs, I just lack ingenuity and qualities of a good еntrepreneur in order to make something on my own, whether it is making a game by myself or trying to gather a team of people to do it with me.

So, I’ve found this awesomely amazing course and decided to enroll on it, even though I much more prefer making 2d games to 3d, but in all honesty, it doesn’t matter that much in this context since Unreal Engine is very capable of creating either one of those. I want to learn Unreal Engine and then become a developer for some company and get a lot of experience and have a lot of fun. I wish good luck to me and all who reads this.

Toodles! (*゚∀゚)っ


Hi, I’m Yoo. I’m Unity3D developer and I want to learn new engine Unreal. Thank you!


Hi! My name is Astrid and I am currently a stay-at-home mom with my 4 months old baby. I have decided to take this course to get some other imput than baby stuff in my daily activities. Also I hope that this can give me some extra skills which can result in a new carreer within programming once my maturnity leave ends :slight_smile: I chose c++ because I love games and thought it was fun to find out how to make them myself.


Hi, people, my name is Milos from Serbia. Been a gamer my entire life and just want to be on the developer side now. Hope it will get me going and to change my line of work in the future. It would be a dream come true.


Hi. I’m Fernando from Colombia, South America.
Always liked games, but did not had too much time or chance to work in that field.
I’m taking the course in order to breath a different air from what I usually do, Java business programming.


Hi there! My name is Qi, and I’m from China, working in a mobile game company. I don’t quite like mobile games, but prefer PC&console games instead. That’s why I am here. The important thing is to improve coding skills, while it is also great to see a lot of learners in common here. Thanks for all of you!


Hello everyone, my name is Kiwi and I’m from Hong Kong,
I am studying C++ in university and I love it, and my aim is to be a software engineer.
I will do anythings for it.
At first, I should get myself in programming field and increase my knowledge.


Hello everyone, My name is Omar.
I’m studying computer science in college at the moment.
I’ve always wanted to know how games and game engines are made and how it works since I’ve always been interested in video games but I didn’t really know where to start so I’m here for this chance!.


Hello everyone

My name is a Dragomir ( I know cool name )
I am a Computer Science major and working my way to be a gameplay programmer with emphasis on networking, graphics, and ai. I as well do want to publish my own little idea for an mmo game and also create a 3d engine. My target platforms as a game developer in progress are pc, android, xbox, and vr.


Hi there everyone! I am here to learn Unreal Engine 4, have fun, hopefully polish and improve my C++. Best of luck and success!!!


Hi I’m Hanah and I have coded games in numerous other languages, javascript/HTML, python, LUA scripting. I wanted to give c++ a try in unreal since I’m not familiar with the format.


Hi! I’m Muhammetcan. I am a student Computer Engineering. I love learning…


Hi! I’m Sara and I’m from Poland. I’m only 16 but I believe that I will learn some of this cool stuff :wink: For now I really like this course and I hope that I’ll be able to finish it :smiley:


Hello, everyone, I’m Tim. I’m an older guy, and have a pretty demanding full-time job. But, I’m going to try and dedicate quite a few of my evenings, and the weekends that I have free, to learning how to do all sorts of fun things in this class. I’m an ‘old kid’… I LOVE games.

I am a total N00B. I know ABSOLUTELY ZERO about coding, modelling, texturing, and whatnot… But, I’m a very novice and completely casual Daz Studio user… So learning some things there about simple lighting set-ups, scene composition (“Rule of thirds”), and assigning textures to a surface group. Er… I’m basically new!

Nice to meet everyone, and good luck and MUCH fun to all!



Hi, this is really nice, my working area is totally different, I’m geophysicist but I think that I can do a matching between games and my career…


Hi, I am both a screen/comic/manga writer and a complete beginner into C++. I would have had Java programming under my belt but long story short my high school teacher gossiped to the other teachers about how bad I was at programming and when I asked for help…he never did so I dropped the course. I have always been interested in programming, I just focused more on my film industry ambitions until recently when my friend approached me to help make a mod with him, I would be the writer and he would do the code. Him and I always talked about making our own indie company, so i decided to look around for resources to learn programming so we can expand outside of making mods.

Sorry for the sorry but it explains both my history with programming and where I am when I start this course.


Hi, I’m Mozz a little junior game developer with Unity and C# from Thailand. I’m absolutely beginner with Unreal and C++. I’m pretty sure that I will be mastered Unreal and Unity dev skill one day. This course is the beginning of my journey :slight_smile: