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If you’re reading this, there probably aren’t very many posts yet. But don’t worry, you can be the first! Either create a new post or just reply to this one to say ‘hi’.


Ok then… Hi! My name is Felipe, I’m a teacher that just love programming and games. So why not to learn how to program some games?

Before find Ben’s courses I was kind lost, just reading some books and searching for good websites, but right now I’m on the way to fulfill my dream to publish my own games. Thanks Ben!!!


Hi my name is Renan Lopes, i am one passionate for code, open-source projects, best practices, coffee and games. I am always dedicated to learn new technologies, improve myself, my skills and evolve every day.



Hello I’m Steven,
I love playing all sorts of videogames, but than I taught “Maybe I should learn how to build them”, so that’s why I’m here.
My Objective is to be able to build VR Games.


Hello I am Scott,
I want be a professional game developer in the future and I just start this course and it seems gonna be very helpful!


Hi I’m Cedric,
my goal is to be able to develop games with the Unreal Engine in the near future, so I decided to take this course to help me get started.


It’s great to see you all introducing yourselves :slight_smile:


Hello, my name is Ken. I’m a student who went back to school to take a programming class for fun. I ended up actually really enjoying it and continued, but this semester, I started taking a class on OOP, but the teacher was super dull and he wasn’t really lecturing, moreso just putting code up on the screen and unsuccessfully tried to teach us how to make the objective work. He taught very disjointedly, but never concept. I ended up not continuing, but I didn’t want to lose steam in learning (right now I’m learning c++) and found this and thought this might be really good to continue learning programming and programming games at the same time. My goal, I don’t know yet, maybe app dev or producing video games in the future. So far, I’m just really interested in learning and knowing how to.


Howdy, I’m Andrew. I had tried to learn to code for, gosh… almost two decades, and for most of that time I thought I just didn’t have “it”. After following along with Tom Francis’ YouTube series on Game Maker GML I realized that the ways I had tried to learn before didn’t lend themselves to the way my brain recognizes success, and being able to quickly* create a “game” that actually functioned where I could see changes shortly rendered in graphics and controls made sense out of a lot of concepts I that just didn’t click when I tried to learn Python, JS, etc.

So there’s a lot I like about GML, but I find my ideas butting up against the limitations of the system more and more often, and I’d like to be able to code things other than games should the need arise. This course struck me as a great way to explore both a more advanced game environment and a language with utility outside of game design. I’m very much looking forward to it.

*Seriously. You can create a basic sprite with top-down shooter controls in GM in less time than it takes to microwave popcorn.


Hello All. I am terrible with words so this will be short. You all can call me banshee, I hear that name more than anything else. All my life I wanted to be a game developer. I finally found time to learn so here I am. I’ll do my best.


Hey All,

I’m an audio engineer looking to get into audio for games and audio implementation. I’ve done a little bit of coding but want to dig into unreal.



Hi all, my name is Aron and I’m already enrolled in the Unity course, where I got the email concerning taking on the unreal course.

The idea of unreal does interest me, but I took on Unity due to C# being a new industry standard so that if my path of game development were to fall apart, I’d have a chance to get my claws into a company and Unreal may give me some more flexibility in that field. I believe both engines are pretty good and I’m not interested in starting a “which is better” discussion as there is already one of those but I have seen powerful and great games made both on unity and unreal so I may start digging through his course later after I finish the unity-related courses.


What’s up. I’m Jon and I’ve been wanting to develop games since I was… a lot younger than I am now. It has been even more of a desire as I’ve been reviewing them for a while now and I wanted to gain a appreciation of how much effort it was to make them. I’ve been using Construct 2 mainly and dabbling in RPG Maker and now the opportunity to jump into UE4 and C++ came about and was rather tempting so here I am!


Hello, my name is Steven. I went to Full Sail university for Game Design, but due to financial situations, I actually had to leave my Senior year. As such, I am here to gain additional knowledge and refresh on concepts learned there, so that way I can develop for Unreal Engine 4 and also continue with my career. I have been making small levels using Unity, but want to grasp more broader concepts of Deign, and also learn much more about C++ than my current education lead to, as it was Design, it was only slightly focused on smaller concepts for C++.


Hello fellow students, and Hello to Ben.
What’s your Unreal experience?

What's your C++ experience? 

A good amount, I’ve worked a c++ developer at several places vc++ 6.0 and windows CE and MFC. But haven’t done c++ since 2007 all c# and web alphabet soup languages.

What other game engines have you used? 

Unity3d, I’m just about to finish up Ben’s unity course. Which I really enjoyed and very much enjoyed leaning from Ben and the other instructors.

What do you hope to get from the course? 

More knowledge of gaming systems like unreal and unity. Plus I’m expecting this to be a good refresher on c++ after not coding in c++ for a few years.

Where in the world are you? 

I’m in Valencia California U.S.A (about 25 miles north of Los Angeles)


Hello Everyone,

My name is Spencer White and I am excited about getting started in this course. I previously worked as a teacher in Detroit, and my hope is to create more fun and engaging learning opportunities for students here.


Spencer White


Hello,my name is Christian and i am really excited to take part at this course.I look forward to learn a lot of great new things about how Unreal Engine and C++ coding works.Have a great evening you all!!


Hello, I’m a web developer and I code with JS and PHP. So I like to learn C++, this is one objective for this year, and of course, learn some of Unreal Engine. I really hope enjoy this course.



Hello people!

I’m totally new to coding. The only thing I’ve done code wise is building a website with HTML in a text document. I really like to problem solve and also to write. So I guess that learning to code is a way to combine these two interests.

I’m planning to apply to a video game development/game designing education next year, so I was planning to give me some experience in the tool that are used, that being Unreal Engine.

I currently work full time and while I also love to spend my time on video games I plan to put as many hours a week in this course as possible. I think it will be loads of fun :slight_smile:


Love the intro at the beginning :slight_smile:. What was that made in?