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Hi my name is Todd and I am a new to learning software languages. I recently re-entered university, after having received a degree and a minor some time ago, for yet another degree although this one in software development. However I am not new to creating software as I have managed the creation of a multimillion dollar software system for my old international company I use to work. I’m fascinated with the idea of solving huge problems with software and I love games. So really I’m taking this course for fun and versatility. I wish everyone the best of success in this course and all you endeavor to accomplish! If you are here to learn, which all of us are, then you are amazing because you strive to better yourself! So let’s accomplish this amazing course together!


Hi my name is Akil Kannan. I’m from India and i’m an undergraduate student,
I want do game design as my career, and made some small games in unity, but still i lack in programming, i hope ill learn something from the course, and it will help me to make games in the future. And its nice to join you guys, Thank you Ben and Sam.



My name is Andy Taylor and I am 3rd year Game Design student looking to expand my knowledge beyond Unity. I’ve been working as a Character Artist on a VR Dungeon crawler (hopefully shipping this summer), as well as developing my own games in the mean time.

I’m always looking for friends to collaborate with, and am looking forward to getting to know you all!

  • Andy


Hi everyone,

My name is An, a student, and I’m willing to learn more about game development with Unreal.
Nice to meet you all.


Hi My Name is Nano! I am excited to learn about game development and can’t wait to see more, I want to thank @ben for this awesome opportunity!


Hello everyone,

My name is Chidum from Nigeria, I am an enterprise programmer and really look forward to learn all about game development. :grinning:



I’m Joris, and I’m a game and programming fanatic. As a young boy I always dreamed of making my own games and I finally pursued it last year when I joined SGS Games Design. I love UE4, but I want to program more in C++ since that is a lot more powerful than the blueprint nodes.

My dream is to become a big Indie Game Developer, or maybe even start my own Game Development team in the near future. Thanks for the online course Ben! :smile:


Hello world everyone!


Hi there, my name is Ciro and i’m from Mexico i’m taking this course because love programming and i love work on games industry i want to improve my skills to get better job opportunities and grow up the industry on Mexico of course.

i’m working on some projects right now in Unity and i was a teacher for Unreal also so i’m taking the course to reinforcing the knowledge (because i just teached with blueprints)


Hello everyone!,

My name is Taylor and I’m from Pennsylvania. I’m new to C++ and any kind of game development but I am looking forward to learning as much as I can and hopefully meeting some new people with this interest. I’m hoping by the end of this course I’ll be able to get my foot at least somewhat in the door in the game industry.

I look forward to learning and working with whoever is taking the course!


Hello Everyone,

I am not sure if this is the right place for the question but I am desperate, so Admin, please delete this post if necessary. I have been trying to resolve a weird error I have for weeks now, which is my PC has 2 DDR3 8GB RAMs but my BIOS and Computer properties showing as 12GB Installed RAM. I have four channels that can each contain 8GB RAM but I have only 2 8GB RAMs at the moment and I have done the following already:

  1. Swapped the RAMs with each other positions of Channel A & B and did the same with Channel C & D and everytime I did that, my RAM showed as 16GB
  2. I have removed a RAM and checked the BIOS and it showed 8GB rightfully.
  3. Did the same with the other RAM, leaving one inside and BIOS rightfully, showed 8GB again
  4. Installed both the RAMs back, BIOS showed 16GB RAM rightfully but again, after 2 to 3 boots, gone back to 12GB. I am unable to pin point the issue, let alone solving it and any help will be greatly appreciated

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Guys,

I believe I found a solution to this problem on at Best Answer and since I tried, my PC started showing 16GB RAM and I have restarted few times already. Few more times later, I will confirm this by marking the question [SOLVED]. Hope that helps some people



Hi I am Kyle and I am a Computer Information Technology student here in Lincoln, Nebraska.

I am currently in the process of learning Java and C# so c++ is completely new to me! I am learning C++ and Unreal Engine on the side as I’m not sure if I want it to be a profession but rather more as a hobby.

I am looking forward to this course and working with fellow aspiring game developers!


Hi! My name is Pedro, I am Computer Science student in London and I love solving problems in general. I took this course for the reasons that allow me to see the different implementations in code in a 3D environment, and at same time improve my C++ skills. I like playing PC games in my free time, and being able to build them is always exciting.


Hi, my name is Jean-Marc from France,
I’m full stack web developper, i play video games of course and i’m very excited to learn how to make it seriously !



Hello! My name is Philip Clifton,
Im a Game Designer Student in Japan.
I took this course to get more familiarized with programming and The Unreal Engine it self for an up coming project I have been working on.
Programming was never my cup of tea but I hope this course can help me stop thinking this way and make me a better developer.
I love to play games but I am a huge movie lover.
I am always interested in talking to new people and finding mroe fellow Developers.


Hi guys peter ndwiga here very eager to start off the course!


Hello, my name is Jordan Hofstedt. I am a print and design specialist for a large print company. I began to learn game development when I was 21 after 3 years with no direction in my life. I dabbled in web programming during school while I was learning basic 3D modeling and animation.

I have a big passion for game development, I find coding and modeling/animation are about the only things I feel fully motivated to do in my life.


Hello! Everyone! Hope we gain a lot after this class!


Hello, my name is Julian. I love playing games and have always been interested in video games and computers. I found the class by chance of an ad and following it. I have only started the class and will most likely be slow with my job taking priority. I am a soldier with the U.S. Army, so I have moved a good bit. I have no real experience with coding or developing games, but I am very excited to start learning. And which ever path I follow, hopefully make it a future career.