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Hey everyone. My name is Nick, and I am currently a web developer/app developer for a small service management company that would love to break into the game development world. As a Visual Basic developer, it would probably make more sense to do Unity for me, but I find myself drawn to Unreal a bit more because I have always wanted to really improve my C++ skills and it just seems like a better package for my current wants and needs. I also had a little “free money” on the Unreal market place so I was able to grab some assets there to get me started on my first real game idea which I hope to work on during this course. I have noticed it’s usually good to have a project totally unrelated to what you’re learning at any given time to force yourself into learning things on your own by trial and error instead of having guidance the whole way. I look forward to learning with you all.


Hey everyone. I’m James, but for some weird reason I call myself Anima on the internet :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve wanted to develop games for as long as I can remember and my first coding experiences years ago in actionscript ended horribly, and I was put off trying again for a long time.

I’m studying Games Development at the University of Huddersfield and there I’ve learnt quite a bit about Unreal Engine 4 and blueprints and I’m pretty good at them, so I see this as the perfect time to try and learn some coding again.


Hey everyone.

My name is Alek and I am student of Computer Science. I have some experience in programming, but not in developing games. I decided to buy this course, 'cause I want to bread my horizons and I’m curious how creating games proceeds.


Hello! My name is Oscar Valencia, I am a video game development technician and I have taken this course to learn how to use Unreal Engine in my future developments, greetings to all.


Hello, my name is Leon, I’m happy to join you all in this course.


Hello, my name is Aditya Desai, i am from India, i have been playing games since long time and now decided to design & develop one.


hi my name is Sergio and I love playing video games especially those that immerse you with a great story and great graphics. My goal is to start with mobile gaming and then move on to make high quality VR games that completely immerse players in the game and something they can truly enjoy.


I cant find unreal 4 version…so can i download unreal 6.2 version (i am currently doing unreal course in udemy)


Hi guys, Samuel here, I’m from Spain and, of course, I love video games. Have some experience in unity, but I want to learn UE4. My goal is to find job in game developing. Have fun ^^


Hello to everyone. I’m Brandyn, age 19 from Norcal. Loving the course so far and I’m about to move on to section 2. I’ve worked with unity and Javascript a bit past the fundamental levels so this is the perfect opportunity to learn something exciting and new. Wish me luck and I hope by the end I’ll leave with the knowledge of how to start creating some of my own games.


Hello, My name is Revanth. I am curious about game development and wanted to experience it. So let’s start this journey together with triumph. :smiley:


Hello everyone, Name’s Ray.
I’ve been studying for a rough 6 years within the game design field but am currently constantly walking against the restraints of my prototyping skills. So I decided to sign up and hopefully learn a lot~


Hey there,
I’m Rebecca, 24 from Germany and I studied Information Science for 3 years and wanted to become a sysadmin. Now after one year in Japan I decided to move on to game development, but unfortunately, I lost all my programming skills in this year. :smiley:


Hello there, I am Bilal, I come from Syria and I am studying Game programming (Diploma/Bachelor) in Germany, I decided to do the unreal course to get more knowledge because am working on my Diploma Project, which is a 2D side-scroller metal slug-like game.
wish you all great time creating games :smiley:


Hey there game devs, good evening! I am Debajit, and I have this sheer love for games on one hand and love to solve problems with my coding skills on the other. Bumped onto this course one day and thought to take it up as a side project to feed my curiosity of how games actually work from within. Enjoying the course so far, and hoping to fulfil my dream of working as a full time game dev some day. See ya guys around. Happy coding :smiley:




Hi everybody!
My name is Nazzareno Giannelli and I am a 3D generalist from Italy specialized in bringing technologies from the videogames world into real applications for companies and brand products.

After a couple of years messing around and working with Unreal Engine and its Blueprints system, I feel the need of a deeper understanding of C++ and what is possible from code in Unreal Engine. I think it can be a good starting point for my personal career and for enhancing my skills.

Eager to learn some cool stuff,
I wish to all of you a good course!



Hi !

My name is Dorian, I am a junior Data Scientist.
I have a passion for data, games, and coding, and always wanted to do some game prototypes to test some of my ideas.

This course looked like a cool place to start.

See you later !

Dorian Signargout



My name is Jon, I am a PC retail and repair clerk.
I have always had an interest in programming. I have loved video games ever since I was a child, so I figured why not do both.



I’m Nate. I am not planning to make games but learn how to use game style graphics in applications that are not purposed for entertainment.