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Hello, my name is Nobu and I worked as a game planner for Koei Co. Ltd in Japan and as an assistant producer in the localization team at EA Japan. Currently I am studying computer science at SFU in Vancouver, Canada.
I am taking this course to solidify my proficiency in C++ game programming because I want to create a tennis simulator among other things.
As Maria mentioned above, I would like to meet some people to share ideas and discuss the course content.
Please feel free to message me.


Hello all. David Brown here in Tennessee, US. Started playing with Unreal around '99-2000, just basic level designing which led to teaching myself 3D Max and Photoshop. I now am actually able to use UE4 at my employment producing architectural pre-visualizations and decided it was time to grow in my knowledge of Unreal beyond being the basic level editor.


Hi, I’m Lucas, 18 years old from Brazil. I am a Law student and technology lover. I’ve always wanted to learn how to create a game and also programming but never really had the opportunity. I hope, in this course, we can help each other as well as support everyone to achieve what they plaining to while doing this course.


Hi All! My name is Garrett and I’m from California. Currently working as a database programmer (mostly working in SQL and Oracle) and wanting to broaden my horizons and see what other stuff I can create. Huge gamer and have done some basic C++ Coding in college. This will be a great refresher and hopefully teach me more!


Hello all! My name is Arcadio, I’ve been watching YouTube videos off and on for almost a year now patching together some skills using Unreal Engine using only blueprints. I saw this course was on sale and thought “what the heck!” I’ve been wanting to learn to code for almost a decade but each time got too frustrated to continue, so here I am again.


Hi! I’m Kevin Park, and my real name is Hyunbin Park.
I’m from South Korea, and I’m very interested in creating games as well as playing games.
I’ve been studying about software engineering technology, which is learning about C, C++, and we will going to learn about other languages.
The reason why I am here is because I wanted to be a video game developer.
In order to do that, I need more knowledge about c++ (I guess) and unreal engine etc.
Thank you and i will do my best.


Hullo everyone,
I have 3 years of experience in web development and have been mostly working for myself and sometimes for friends or family.
I’m here to learn how to make games using UE4 which I have no experience in. I have no knowledge of C++ but I do know concepts such as data types, functions, loops, conditionals, etc…
I live in the GTA in Canada and am very eager to get into the course.


Hello everyone my name is Jovon and I’ve been studying Game Design for about 3 years.

I started with learning asset creation, texturing, rigging and animation.

I feel very confident in my abilities in that regard so currently I’m delving deep into learning how to complete simple games in UE4.

I’m currently living in the Atl,GA region of the USA.

I’m more introverted in personality but I feel I need to focus on being more extroverted in-order to learn coding.
My goal is to develop solid foundational understanding about C++, Blueprints and Physics utilizing the UE4 editor.

Afterwards my goal is to create 2D and 3D games, and possibly teach basic game design methods.

I’m also attending another course about Game Development, but it has a stronger focus on utilizing Blueprints. I originally thought BP’s was sufficient but I’m serious about Game Design and I didn’t wanna have any major weaknesses that I could prevent.

This course had such an amazing prevalence on Udemy, so I’m assuming that it contains sufficient knowledge, yet I’m still studying the developer’s videos and documentation as well.

Thank you and I’m looking forward to engaging with you all.


Hello, My name is Tabrez,I I am here to gain knowledge about use of c++ in gaming industry and to get familiar with Unreal Engine so that i can develop game on that platform.I did mostly C but also familiar wth c++ also.


hey there creatives just touching base to say whats up!


Well hello all,
I’m Russ and i enjoy playing games. The main game i play is arma 3 and as i run my own server I’ve got in to basic coding through adding mods to my server and having to do a bit of playing around with the code to get things to work and change settings. In this i found i really did enjoy the coding side of things so here i am to learn how to do it better and mainly right haha.


Sebastiano from Italy


Hey team my name is antonis i’m from greece and i’m also eager to learn without previous experience throughout this course and with your guidance :smiley:


Hey michael i’m also from greece
cheers :slight_smile:
Good seeing more people from greece


Hey everyone! I’m Evan, from the USA. I’m looking forward to learning coding from scratch.


Hello Everybody, my name is Tom Lam from Hong Kong. I love gaming and I wish to create video games although i had no related knowledge before.Hope everyone join this course could achieved what in your heart desired.


excited to learn!..whoa so nerdy


Hello! My name is Cameron, and I’ve had a passion for computers and how they work since I was very young. I’m here taking this course both to begin developing games, and create great software with C++.



My name is Todd. I live in the state of Michigan in the USA. I recently turned 50 yrs old and retired from my employer of 19yrs. I was in the IT industry my entire time with them as well as a few years after. I have been an avid PC gamer since I was 18 (gaming on an old Tandy 386) and a console gamer since the original Pong.

My goal for this course is to get an idea of what it takes to develop in C++ and to develop games as I am looking to expand my horizons and am looking for new employment challenges.