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Hello, I’m Hyunwook from Korea. I live in Chico, California now. I usually want to make RPG games like The Witcher series. So I want to be able to use game engine, so that why I want to learn this Unreal Game Engine course. I have some experience with C++ but still newbie about that.


Hi everyone!

I’m currently a Software Engineer for General Motors and I live in the Atlanta area. I’m taking this class because I’ve always wanted to learn C++ but after doing tons of research and after watching the promo video for this course I knew that this would be the right one for me. I’m a gamer as well and I feel that this is the best way for me to learn a language such as C++ and I hope to use these skills in the industry.


Hi guys,
i’m Jacopo from Italy, i’m a university student and i found the course trough the offer on facebook (ye i know, pretty lame ahah) after a bit of reserch i decided to subscribe do to my long lasting dream to become, in some far away future, a game designer. The initial part on c++ is the one most important to me at the moment, becouse i have done only java until now and have difficulty to jump on another ship all on my own. I will put the lectures between my university scheldude and hope to do my best !


Well, I’m introducing games and archviz in the company I work for, but after trying to contact a factory software and having no success to pay for a development, I will try to make the projects happens by myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally, I have created an excellent virtual tour. So I’m very excited for belong into a big community that wants to learn UE too.

Have a nice course!!


Hello! Nice to see people from all over the World coming together for something good, and that’s cool you will share some of your course material!


Hi. I want to fool around in UE4.


Hey everyone!

My name is Daniel and I started learning C++ and game development earlier this year and I hope to learn how to make games so I can create great games with immersive universes across a whole range of platforms, I want to also help many people get through the course as I progress by answering their questions. :slight_smile:


Hey there Hyunwook

the world is so small i graduated from CSU chico as computer engineer :slight_smile:


Hello everyone!
My name is Milos, I am an Electrical Engineer turned programmer through the wonderful world of Game Development. I did some coding during my studies (C, Matlab), but back then it all seemed so annoying and too focused on technicalities. A few years ago I decided to try a game development course on another platform (it was XNA and C#) and only then have I seen how much fun coding can be! I made a few games, but soon studies caught by and I had to leave it aside. I am looking forward to working with you guys, discussing and hopefully someday creating a game of our own! :slight_smile: This course is really a dream come true, and hopefully I’ll make it in decent time (I am currently also working in the wonderful world of Machine Learning).
Best wishes,


Greetings everyone. My name, obviously, is Keith.

Unlike most others I looking to learn more about Unreal Engine to make movies rather than games.


Hey guys,

My name is Andres, and I am a Management of Information second year student, I am completely new to coding and creating virtual games, I hope this course will allow me to learn a lot, I was hoping someone can help me and direct me to have direct contact with the Instructor of the course, I have few questions I would like to ask.


Hey, my name is Patrick Murphy. I was contacted by one of the teachers of this course about wanting to use some of my unreal assets (plants that I sell on the unreal marketplace) in the course. Of course I was very happy to oblige! The course was also on sale for 90% of so I also enrolled myself in the course as I would love to learn more programming in unreal engine on top of what I already know in C# and unity.

I am currently in the hospital so won’t really be able to fully start the course for another week or so, but I am looking forward to getting started and learning.


Good evening everyone,

My name is Matthew Carr, it would be safe to describe myself as a lover of all topics related to gaming and gadgets. I have a bit of a diverse professional background (ranging from construction, to a Kinesiology/Biomechanics degree, to software implementation with some project management work).

I am here to expand my technical abilities and hopefully rekindle my passion for C++ by setting both fun and interesting personal objectives that will ideally complement my existing soft skills.

Ideally (and I do sincerely hope this is the case), this coursework will be exactly what I have been looking for.


Hello, my name is Donovan. I have been interested in game design since i was in middle school, however; it always felt difficult to learn how to design video games and I have had issues learning things and keeping them memorized so it has not been easy. Currently though I have been attending school for cyber security and mostly have my time caught up with that however I would like to eventually start designing my own video games and also start my own game/software development company. One of my goals is to be one of the big names of game development such as blizzard, EA, or Ubisoft but based in Colorado. Things change constantly though and this may not actually happen, but I do hope to get a few good games out there with their own communities enjoying each game. The reason game design isn’t my first priority right now is that it is a very competitive field and I am not a very competitive person so I do not see it has something I will actually be very successful at and at this time only intend to use it as a hobby until one day I do manage to be successful enough to have a fulfilling life while enjoying developing games.


I’ve decided to start all over mainly because I couldn’t really watch the videos. I’ve got a better ISP now so that I can really get into the course. I want to learn programming and learn how to make a game and also maybe have fun and make my own games.


Hello from me as well! My name is Michael and I’m an undegraduate student, studying Computer Engineering from Greece.
I’ve started programming since I was 10 and I’ve never stopped.

I’m trying to learn as much as possible every day and that’s one of the many reasons I’ve joined you guys.
I’ve never really used UE before and I’m extremely interested to discover it. I’m curious :wink:

Again, nice to join you guys, Ben, I’ve watched some of the videos you and Sam made and I’m very, very interested to see what comes next.



Hello everyone, I am a student from Finland. I have always been interested in games, but never found things like programming very interesting. In recent years however, I found in myself a need to express myself creatively, and found that video games could possibly be the best medium, as the product is what I’m most comfortable with. I am now on a road to learn and master this medium, hopefully I will be able to use it and maybe even enter the industry, as I would like to do it as my full-time job if I ever each the level of skill required.


Hi My name is Etko McCooty. I am a games development student from the UK and I am taking this course as my aim is to become a successful games programmer in the future.


Hello! My name is Phillip Stephens. I am a student and employee of Cameron University in Lawton Oklahoma. I’m taking this course with the hopes of developing a strong foundation in programming and content creation for the Unreal Engine. I look forward to working with everyone and hope I have an opportunity to be helpful!


My name is Maria, I recently decided to start spending 30 minutes a day doing something productive, and new. Among the things I wish to alternate with, I will be following this course to learn how to create a game. I have no real experience in developing and I am hoping that by the end of this course I will have a good foundation.
If anyone wants to join a “student group” for this course, send me a pm - maybe we can create a skype/discord channel and support on another throughout this course.