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Hi everyone,

I’m studying automotive engineering but have a passion to making games. I absolutely love the gears of war franchise so I wanted to learn the heart and soul of it.

Looking forward to getting to know you all and hope to hear from you soon



I am Toony.
I am very bad at self-learning so I took this course and I hope to get along with you all.

thank you


Hi i am khaled from dubai
hope to learn something new … i like games alot to play and i like to know how to create them


Hi, my name is Jasper. Im studying Foundation in engineering at Taylor’s university. Im having a holiday right now, so i was thinking, why not learn some new tricks so that it wil benefit my future. Im not good at coding but i will try my best, because i’ve always wanted to see how the gaming system works.


Hey guys, I am Stefan and I am from Chicago. I have always had some passion for code and specifically game design. It was my initial major choice for my undergrad. I listened to the wrong ppl and instead I graduated with Marketing Degree. I currently work for an IT company and I do html emails. But I have always had passion for more. I took one introductory course on C++ but all other things I have learned myself, at least the easy coding languages such as HTML, CSS and a littlebit of JavaScript. I am very passionate and I like to ask a lot of questions so I apologize in advance for bugging everyone and anyone.


Hi my name is Tyler and i am completely new to programming. Im looking forward to learning all that i can and being able to to eventually get a job in the field. Nice to meet you all. I cant wait to get started.


My name is Hannes. I’m have been web developer for more than 10 years and now I’ve started to think if I should take some new path. VR seems pretty interesting and I’ve been pondering on the idea for a month now not really taking any reals steps. Last week or so I asked my co-worker about this and he said there are 2 main engines these days: Unreal and Unity. I saved those names to my brain but again didn’t take any action. Yesterday I was browsing Facebook and saw your commercial - it shined there in the middle of the screen. I take these kind of coincidences seriously. Here I am!


That’s my goal too - VR! Unfortunately something I dreamed about is already being done at but I think there’s plenty of stuff to create.


Hi, i’m Hiero, a Brazilian Computer Science Student and I want to get a game I designed out of the paper. Cheers! I also like the idea of creating Simulations Situations, because I like math and physics programming a lot, as well as beeing a detail lover.


Hey, my name’s Glenn. Been programming for nearly 20 years, got into this when basic was still around. First game was a cat and mouse game off the back of a magazine on a commodore 64. I’m an IT manager for an automotive group, building databases, websites and bringing order to chaos. I’ve been interested in making games for a while, finally taking the plunge.


Hi all!! I have just started Ben’s Unreal Engine Developer course and my duty on learning this is make my dreams game and join the game endustiry. I have used Unity to make some mobile games before. It’s time to develop myself and make bigger things. And finally I am from Turkey. Thanks all!


Hello! I’m Olga and I just started taking the Unreal Engine Developer Course. I’ve been programming on and off for years, but feel like I haven’t really gotten to immerse myself in it. I majored in Physics and would like to get to a point where I’m comfortable enough with programming that I can get into game development.


I’m Spencer. I’m a college graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts who wants to get into the technical art side of game programming. I got a fair distance into this course before I hit a road block, and although with Ben’s help we eventually got my issue solved, I had lost some steam. So with the new year I’m starting through again.


Hi everyone, Im Catherine and im looking to learn more about C++ and game development I`m currently making a video game with my boyfriend, and we hired a programmer for the coding and we do the design. Hope you guys can help with any question I can have and I also hope I can help others;)


Hello, I am Jose and just started the course for the Unreal Engine. I was watching the power of this tool throught the years since the release of Unreal tournament and I was amazed!. That is why I set Unreal as one of my goals to achieve in order to continue my path as a game developer.


Hello, I’m Chris, I’m from Poland, and I’m beginning gamedev student (bachelor’s degree diploma in progress!). I had some prior experience with UDK and less with UE4, although everything I was doing was on blueprints. I’ve started this course to expand my abilities and make my diploma’s game the best I can!

Cheers for everyone!


I. my name is Javi and I’m coming back to programming. So in this case Im interesed to return with something different, no apps, it wold be better games :). Hi everybody


Hello Everyone! My name is Emel Bonty and I am from Los Angeles, California. I am studying Computer Programing at Santa Monica College. My dream is to start a company that makes more story driven games and entertainment apps. I am very new to programming and really want to try to make a game and meet other developers.


Hello, My name is Patrick and I found this course by actually searching for unreal engine on twitter. I’ve been wanting to learn how to program in C++ and also wanting to learn how to created games, so I decided to go ahead and enroll in this course. Looking forward to seeing what it has to offer.


Hello Everyone, I’m Charles from Hawai’i. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make games, but didn’t really know how. I do have some experience with C++ so I’m definitely looking forward to this course.