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Brand new to the course. I’m an internet programmer, mostly PHP, and want to expand my skill sets into a whole new area. Looking forward to the course.


Hi everybody! my name is Carlos, but all my friends call me kalo, that means “Carlos” in Guaraní.
I’m Paraguayan, but actually i’m living in spain, i learn 3D model by my self, already work in a videogame development with Unreal, and actually the game it’s on steam, it’s our first game like team, so, it’s good… i want to learn to code, because i really want to make a game by my self, almost try it.

I allready work with UE, a pretty basic knolage of the blueprints, but that’s all… but creating enviroments and materials for 3D models, that i can do it better…

I hope i can find some friends here! and maybe some time work on a team!

sorry about my english, i’m not use to write or speak alot, but i understand it… so… have a nice learning!

You can findme on facebook and behance! y let my links below!


Hi everyone! I programmed computer games a long time ago in the pre-internet, pre-Windows days, but then gave that up when I couldn’t find more work doing that. Now I have started taking game programming classes again as a retirement hobby. I took one class in 2D game programming which wasn’t all that different from what I did in the past, so I am really looking forward to getting into 3D which will be completely new to me.


Hi Everyone,

I have programming experience in python and Java and I want to learn C++. And I came across this tutorial on Internet and it looked different I mean mastering some language in a fun way.

Hope this tutorial will help me to learn the language and learn the new skill of developing games.


Hello my name is Luis. I made a game script and I hope to build it after finishing this course.


Hey Everyone,

I am a student at San Francisco State University. I am a Computer Science major and have a little bit of experience in Java and C++. I have been trying to learn Python and Swift on my own. Video game development is my passion and why I am pursuing a degree in Computer Science. My reason for taking this course is to learn to develop video games.

I hope this course will help me accomplish my goals of becoming a video game programmer while also assisting in my pursuit of a degree.

Looking forward to the rest of the course.



Hi, was a lost soul searching for a career directive till I settled on game development. I went to college and got a bachelors in mechanical engg. But decided it wasn’t for me. Totally new to coding, so looking forward to learning the first steps :slight_smile:


Hi all,
I’m from London and looking to code! I’m still actually in school but my friend really knows his stuff about coding and I decided to give it a try! Really love these tutorials, my goal is to sneakily overtake my friend in knowledge so that I am the best at last!! Haha, no really though, great tutorials and great community! Thanks for all of this!


hi everyone names Ian really looking forward to learning to code and create games :slight_smile:


Hello there. My name is Carlos, I’m a Systems Engineering student at college (already finishing my first year). My reason for taking on this course is because I’ve always wanted to be a videogame designer, since the early childhood videogames changed my life and because of that, I want to join the industry.

Nice to meet you fellows! :wink:


Hello everybody! My name is Diego, I’m a student from the TEC University and I’m really interesting in making videogames, I hope I can learn a lot from the course and from you guys!

Nice to meet you! :grinning:


Hi guys! Am I the only girl here? Cool! :slight_smile:
I’m starting right now Ben’s Unreal Engine Developer course and obviously I’m having some problems with UE installation… I think my mac can’t support it for some ways: graphics card a bit old…
So, let me say “Hello, World!” also if my programming level is under 0 and also if I’m a beginner in game development.
I’m from VFX industry: I’m a compositor/post production video artist so I have good eye for details but I remember when I was starting this kind of carreer that I was completely in love whit the idea of a future in game industry.
Sorry for my not fluent english but I’m from Italy.
After this description I wish you could be patient to me, for any kind of weird question that I suppose to post next days here.
Thank you all!!!


Hello, my name’s Arek and I’m from Poland. It would be nice to learn programming in c++ using unreal engine :slight_smile:


Hi everyone. I’m a first-cycle IT student who want to develop my skills at programming. I think learning with creating so cool games will be fun. Hope I’ll enjoy it ! :slight_smile:


Hi Guys! I’m a computer science student in South Africa and I cannot wait to begin my game development venture. Game Creation domination here I come. Good luck guys, CHOW!


Hi everyone. I’m a computer science student from Copenhagen who want to learn about UE.


Piacere, Eleonora

Your English is far better than my Italian.

It is great that your background is in real-world video production. I think that “domain knowledge” will serve you well.

Perhaps there is another thread on this Forum system where you can get deeper into having the Unreal engine work for you.

There is a great need for more female game designers and developers. There is some impact already in the creation of games with female characters (not just Laura Croft :wink: although I love the latest Tomb Raider games myself). I think that will provide more imaginative themes for games and also perhaps make the games more accessible beyond guys with fast-twitch adrenaline and testosterone compulsions :grin:.

In any case, I hope you make yourself welcome here and that you find helpful answers to all of your questions. The only poor questions are ones that are not asked.

From one gaming dreamer to another. Welcome.


Hey everyone.

I’m Kia and worked with Unreal Engine 4 since release already, but never really used C++ but rather just Blueprints so I hope this course will show me the other way of coding gameplay in Unreal Engine. :slight_smile:



My name is Geoff and I’m completely new to Unreal and C++… programming as a whole really. I took an Intro to programming with Java course at The Ohio State University but that’s it. Excited to learn!


Hello Everyone, my name is Sócrates Medina and I am a Unity Certified Developer thanks in part to Ben´s courses on Udemy. I am currently developing my own game project, I will let you know as soon as we have something show-able.:relieved: