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Hello everyone!




Yaay! I’ve just finished the RPG Core Combat course. Now I’ll try this one :smiley:

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Hi there! I am a highschool student in Romania and I’ve been working in Unreal for almost a year now. Thanks to your previous course, I’ve been requested to teach an extracurricular course to my younger peers. I chose to enrol this course in order to build upon my existing knowledge and work more in C++.

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In the early 2000’s I was very active in the modding community of a game called “Medal of Honor: Allied Assault”. We overcame a lot of obstacles, and released a total conversion mod called “Medal of Honor: Civil War” which allowed players to play as an solider during the american civil war of the 1860’s.

Since then, I have struggled to get anything released. I have used the Source Engine, Torque, Unity, UDK, Unreal etc. and could never seem to get anything finished. My goals were never too lofty, but the learning curve always got to me.

I am committing to this course, so that I can finally finish one of my MP game ideas completed so I can officially be past the “All Talk” phase of my indie game dev endeavors.


Wazzup, World! :grin:

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Hi everybody!

Very interested about this course. Got a job as a Unreal developer and the project i’m working with are multiplayer related. Going to pay extreme attention to everything this course gives :)!


Hi everyone!
I’m doing this course in parallel with fifth section of main unreal course. I’m learning a lot, because I intend to work in the industry. Both courses are great if you ask me.
Best wishes to all students, have fun and reach your goals (despite if they’re proffesional or hobby alike) :slight_smile:.


HI guys I’m learning three courses parallel
first main course of unreal course second this course and third tomLooman course.these courses i believe complete each other.I must say thanks to Sam because I love his teaching way more than Ben.


Hi! I finished the first Unreal course recently, and looking forward to the getting into the multiplayer course!


Hello! I am taking this course to be ready for the programming of a multiplayer game together with three others. More specifically, we are making a muliplayer city builder in a medieval setting.

I am almost finished with the first Unreal course here on, but a little stuck with a bug, so I am taking a little break and starting early on learning multiplayer, which is actually more important to learn to me right now. Looking forward to it!


Hello ! So glad to take another course with you guys!


Hi everyone, i just finished the beginner course 1 month ago and am looking forward to doing it again with this one. Your work is super awesome. Keep going! :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m an active student and I graduate in one year and I am looking forward to do this course in order to accumulate more programming experience and learn more about software development about MMO and world, and Real-time based games.


Hi :smiley:




Here is my “Hello World!” And my why is, I want to create a multiplayer team building game from another one of the Unreal courses.


Hi, I’m here to improve and expand my knowledge and skills. And I have stuck with my online vr experience project.