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active student… grr unreal is not compatible with my mac’s graphic card.

it means I can’t participate in the course and have zero confidence in the developers or their “leaders”… gutted. can’t afford a new mac or fathom a games engine policy led by misguided executives… first experience of unreal. what a shame.

please warn participants with Macs


Very excited for this course! Hoping to see some use of modern services like Gamelift/Gamesparks which are used successfully across many current UE4 titles to deliver consistent multiplayer experiences. The largest void in learning material is currently in the steps from getting your networked game out from UE4 and onto a server which can handle creating new sessions on demand, storing persistant data serverside which can’t be cheated, and looking in to some lag compensation methods which help players of different pings have a good experience together (Using client side hit detection with server validation using snapshots and rewinding). Thank you, can’t wait to see it!


Gutting! Have you tried either an older version of Unreal or disabling the variable they suggest just in case?

This requirement existed on the Unreal course so I will make sure it’s transferred across in the course description.


Big topic but we hope to get there depending on demand and “pull” from students such as yourselves. Amazon are very keen to work with us on Gamelift.


Hi! I’d love a Gamelift tutorial too!


Hello there!




Hello! Anybody here from Toronto? Anybody here doing the Epic Mega Jam? Theme was announced today:

However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light




Hello. To all! Good luck!


안뇽 게이들아!!! 사랑해!!!


Hello World! :wink:


Hello World.
This is my fourth GameDev course on Udemy. Trying to add multiplayer to my current toolset.
Good luck to all fellow students!


Hello everybody!


Hello all! Hoping to learn enough to create a multiplayer game. It’s a proof of concept project.


Hello all, loved the previous Unreal Course, here’s to this one!


Hey all! Just started the course. I’m a hobby game developer and looking to learn more about multiplayer development to use towards a new project I have an idea for.