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I make a fork, rubik’s cube and a can.


I’m kinda eager to move on to the upcoming lessons, but I guess I shouldn’t skip these chances to practice a bit.
(in case I’m a lot worse at this than I thought) I tried making a salt shaker, some scissors and nail clippers. I must admit that the nail clippers were the most fun to do. So many parts and slightly curved edges for such a small item ^^


Here are my objects!

My coffee mug, which was deceptively difficult (I think I’m lacking a few quick tricks here).

Had fun making a clock. I used an array modifier around a central point to do the time indicators! Oh and the hands can rotate correctly, which can be easily scripted in a game engine such as unity!

For my work desk I used a boolean modifier to cut holes in the top for cables to go through. Had quite a lot of fun on this one too!

Onto bigger and better things! Hopefully we can do materials soon!



My 3 extra challenge items. This is fun.


I maybe thinking about lunch;) I’m not terribly happy with the fork,I should have tackled it differently but such is life. thanks and have a good one.


Hey ben !!!


My Low Poly Controller model!


I tried not to go to crazy with something too complex.
I’m going crazy with the snap tool, by the way; he never does what I want :frowning:



Here are my additional models for the challenge.


here is my take on a periscope



For the Extra Modeling Challenge I did 3 objects on or near my desk: An Elmer’s Glue bottle, a file, and a sphere on a stand.


I couldn’t find many pointy objects around to model, so I just did an office desk.


Here are the three I created for the extra modeling challenge:





I might have gone a little overboard, but I was tired of low poly models and ended up applying the Subdivision Surface modifier. Everything but the flowers are made from a single cube. The Flowers are a squished cube multiplied with cylinders for stems and cylinder vase.


Here are my three object for the challenge: a knife, a goblet and a key.
I’m still not able to handle many details, but I’m really having fun with Blender so far.


Here are my Low Detail Objects: A watch, a mug, and a cup


Here is my 3D objects. Flower inside a vase, balls with in toy box and one open book.