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Contributing my three objects.

Decided to solidify the shortcuts by modeling something more advanced. so here is my own space cargo ship01 (aka fancyShip01.blend)


Lots of great stuff on here peeps! Here’s my 3: A mini radiator, pen holder and a stapler.


Wow, some great stuff here! I’m impressed… I still can’t do nice things like that but here are my extra challenges. I just searched for stuff around the house and modeled them.


Coffee cup

A pocket flashlight

My monitor



My low poly character model. I have experience using 3Ds Max so making the transition to Blender is a challenge. So I gave is a go with my first box modeling of a male character. Some more practice and I will be really making some game assets for UE4.


Trash bin


Pepper mill


strong text


I’ve just done 1 extra for now. It’s a yo-yo.


Three simple models and duplicates of them…


Hey there! I take this oportunity to introduce myself! I’m really new into 3d modeling, desing or anything related… I started this course as a hobby and hopefully one day complement my other hobby of game developing (in which I’m also a total noob).

Well, having said that, here are my three models:
Coffe mug:

Lego Brick

Night Lamp

I’m looking forward to learn and improve! I’m having so much fun so far!



Of course I like flying objects :wink:


A pencil, a fork and a speaker.

I often get tempted to quickly do high detailed models, this time it was not a good idea at all. For the speaker I made a cube, then two spheres and a cylinder which I used to make holes in the cube using boolean modifier. I was going to add a subsurface division modifier to the speaker, but I knew that would require to add manually some extra geometry. So instead I choose a quick and dirty way - applied bevel and subsufr to the base cube, applied subsurf of 3 to the spheres, applied the booleans - and after Blender crashed I was able to recover it all, and then it was a nightmare to continue and in the end it was not at all quick and it doesn’t look very pleasing either. But the pencil is cool though :innocent:

…the speaker has 95k vertices :sweat:


Love that key! Very unique way to make it, too! :smiley:


How long did it take you to do that?


Here are my extra renders. I started fooling around with lights on the last one.


Here are Mine.


Wow. A lot of nice creations here. Mine, well… I actually drew a blank on this so did the best I could for now…
Here they are. Can you tell what each one of them is?


Here’s my rendered model

My reference photo


Improved version with lighting