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If you’re reading this, there probably aren’t very many posts yet. But don’t worry, you can be the first! Either create a new post or just reply to this one to say ‘hi’.


Are we suggesting the challenges or receiving them?


Pet Bootle…


Are we suggesting the challenges or receiving them?

@Michael_Bridges can you clarify please.


Both :slight_smile:

I gave some examples in the Challenge slide, however would love to see anything extra too! :slight_smile:


I decided to do two of the three models for the extra challenge. I decide upon a kitchen knife and a fruit bowl.


Hi everyone,

Toy Top


Match Box


And a Toy Cart


Hi I made my three…

  1. 9V Battery

  2. Old Cell Phone

  3. Tape Measure

My Tape Measure (Link to the full 3D model uploaded to Sketchfab.COM)

Tapemeasure by Renehasp on Sketchfab


Had lot’s of fun doing this Challenge. Great course so far as well! Hope it keeps up. I have learned alot.

My three things:

Random Mouse - Low Poly

Random Mouse - High Poly

My RL Coffee Cup - Low Poly

My RL Coffee Cup - High Poly

A Plate - Low Poly

A Plate - High Poly

Think it was amazing to see how a simple model can be so nice looking with only a few button presses. =D

Sorry about the lenght of this post… I’ll stop rambling now. =P

My sketchfab in case some would like to see it there:
I’m new over there as well. So your welcome to give me some tips. =)


Hey guys. Tried a clock. Kinda got into some different stuff. Color and text…I probably will learn much more efficient ways later on in the course. lol.


Can’t wait to learn the use of shadow and lighting!!!


Yeah, Agreed. =D

  • lot’s more!


Hello, learning a lot and having a good time to boot. here are my three models



TIE Fighter


Toy Viking boat


My finished Bowling Ball!!! Had a really great time with these lessons.


My three models. A soda can, a usb stick, and a Music Angel.


Had a lot of fun with this as well. Every day I set aside an hour or two to progress in the course and it’s honestly my favorite couple hours of the day. Love it!