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Hi, everyone! Here is my home work :grinning:


Something like a barn … no, there is no barn near me xD


Hey everyone :slight_smile: Here are some things from my desk! :


Wow, there are some really cool constructs shown off here. But I’m still proud to show off of my sword and chest! :smiley:

The course is awesome so far and I would have never thought, that I could create such decent (well good enough for my standards) models ^^


Just some basic items


Hi! My low poly Ikea lamp.

I’m ready for section 3, to make it more smoothly :slight_smile:


i’ve made some low poly scene with basic color material. what do you guys think? :grin:

Sketchfab Link


Mario blocks AND Doctor Who!!! Awesome!


Everyone’s stuff is so impressive! I noticed this thread was getting buried so I’m reviving it with my simple little things. After a few weeks away from Blender and this course I started forgetting how to do things and had to go back to earlier lessons. Oops.

Good job everyone!

My chocolate bar

My journal

A rustic bucket that I do not actually own…


A pot with lid, a baby’s toy car and a calculator.


Hey aspiring Blenders,

This is what I was able to come up with for the extra challenge:

Started off with a cube and using loop cuts etc was able to get the pages sticking out. For the spine I used proportional editing while translating the middle edge with a spherical curve.

This one’s a little more abstract but I had a lot of fun with it (and found out how to colour things):

The plants were made from a UV sphere that I cut in half. I then extruded the faces and played around with it quite a bit.


nice! how did you make that peg’s “steel line”? I tried that with no luck :frowning:


The ‘Extra Modeling Challenge’ took longer than I thought it would. I had no idea where to start. I’m following along pretty good but when challenged to carve something out of the mesh on my own, I get stuck. Anyway here are my three models. Having Fun!

Measuring cup.

Light Pole.



My creations. I took like 5 hours to do this :smiley: But I am realy happy about how they turned outCar full viewTruck full view


These are some simple models I decided to try for the extra challenge.


Here are my models for the three objects -challenge. I wrote myself a check-list to include everything we have learned so far and tried to use everything (and it was good that I did, because I had completely forgotten about separating the object before applying a modifier). Can’t wait to learn how to do rounded and curved things!


Had a lot of fun making quite a few things, but here are my three favourites

A loaf of bread. Practiced my edge cuts to make slices

A stable that was not in my home, but rather based on one I used to work in. Made the frame, then used the array tool to make the wooden sides and the bars

My brother’s workbench, minus the tools



Such amazing models guys! I really enjoyed this challenge. I made a wine glass, tree and ice cream cone. The glass was made out of 1 cylinder mesh with some loop cuts and a subsurface modifier to make it look smooth. I had a blast.


Hi guys you all doing amazong stuff !
Here is a lamp, a water tank and a speaker.