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That’s my first model for the challange :smiley: A tweezer. Haven’t seen one yet in this thread.


Got another Object for the challenge


A friend of mine made me this render


Three things in my immediate vicinity.

Desk lamp, flat screen tv and an oculus sensor.


This is my attempt to do a Converse Shoe!!


My try at a lighter.


I had to learn a couple of other things beyond what I’ve seen in the lectures up until now, as I couldn’t figure out how to do the “Twist It!” handle for my Bop-It toy… ended up playing with a couple of other settings in the properties panel, boolean modifiers etc.

Great course, having lots of fun learning!


random things, still lost about making rounded edges, that will open up a lot more of things for me to create once I learn that.


Saw your awesome forest scene, Hope you don’t mind me taking this as idea for my section 2 challenge :slight_smile:
Thought yours still look nicer :evergreen_tree::tent:

Link to the 3D model on Sketchfab


Hi there, its my extra challenge^



Here are my three objects around the apartment.

A screen shot of a Sushi Knife, with some basic materials.
This is a Papermate Sharpwriter mechanical pencil, with materials mainly diffuse materials with color.
Magnifying Glass with materials and PBR materials. The Handle was suppose to be green marble, but it came out grey. I have to come back to that. I added a emitting surface out of the frame to reflect into the lens of the glass. The primitives were UV spheres except the ring of the magnifier was a cylinder and the background was just a plane for a PBR material.


I made this

A nimcha, moroccan sword
Don’t actually have it at home but thought it would be an interesting challenge…


I was suposed to make 3 simple objects, but as always I just couldn’t be doing those little details. So it took long time to just finish the first one. Now I think that one is gonna have to do…

Here I present you… MY JEWELRY BOX!!!


made 1 semi-detailed thing instead of 3 simple things. a bit of artifacting on around the face of the watch…


20 min challenge headphons, cup and car trinket


My extra challenge for S02:
Simple and low geometry objects, the holy trinity!!!


Rice-paper door, was going to do more but I’m just going to head in to the next section, rebel as I am…


Just wanna say hi to all of you. Great course this far. I downloaded Blender four weeks ago and was kinda doodling around since then. Now I am really learning and making progress. Thank you very much.

So here’s my objects I came up with. A set of forks, knives and spoons in a drawer.