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Just what was around my computer desk.


These are three simple objects I’ve came up with lying around the house.



Cup & bowl

Telephone (old school)

Updated Mon Apr 10 2017 07:50


Here are some tools I made. The teeth on the saw had me struggling for a while.


Here I have a Pill bottle (1 Sphere with extrude), an Ink jar (1 Cube & a Cylinder), and a Plate :slight_smile:


Made a simple pc set: screen, keyboard and a really really really old model of a pc mouse :stuck_out_tongue:


Here we go.


My three household objects! A bottle, a bowl, and a pan.


This is what I made for my challenge: a pocket knife, a stapler, and a pair of scissors (respectively). All of these object are made of two meshes whose origins are at there pivot point irl. The pocket knife is my personal favorite.

Pocket Knife (a blade and the frame):

Stapler (bottom and top are separate meshes):

Scissors (left and right blade):


Created a mug at first just to remind me the basics I forgot over a bit of time I was away from the course.

Sword well had the most fun with, hopefully next time it can get even more detailed!


Here are my three objects. These have allowed me to try quite a few of the techniques learned so far.


I’ve made some attempts at a few Star Wars themed items and have also been making use of Substance Painter to learn how to texture items.


Three Simple Objects


Man your xwing looks so much better. Mine took me the better half of an afternoon too :stuck_out_tongue: I guess its back to the lessons to improve myself! :smiley:


Hello! Baking dish ,Glass, and a Fork!


Soda cup made from 1 cylinder, a pen with cap also made from 1 cylinder, and a stool for them to sit on made from 1 plane, all made with stuff we learned so far!


Simple fire place. Could do more work around the grating at the lower front but it’s looking ok at the moment.


I made my desktop and some objects in it, with cubes and planes


Here’s my first biplane I made with premitives when I started the course in comparison to the one I just made :smiley:


I made a Black Smiths Hammer, wheel, barrel and added in a spear. I was going for the black smith vibe.