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Yaay Just finished!!! This is gold leader!


3 different objects or things, very simple modelling and trying to use materials and playing with camera settings.

Snare with a light inside

Random objects I was fooling around and just kind of placed them all together, ( a big cheese on top of a planet?)

found an interesting tutorial and gave it a little twist.


Oh, I’m really liking that last one Leopoldo. Care to share where the tutorial is? :wink:


not a problem here you have it

really good tutorials for abstract things.


Thank you. I’m definitely going to be checking that out. :smile:


Everything everyone has done is so beautiful :’)

I am a bit embarrassed, but here is my belated small bit of practice:


i like darts


I went with a bit of an artistic theme: A paintbrush, palette knife, and french easel.


Great Job! I made one as well, just took me nearly a day… :v::sweat_smile:
How long did yours take?

Did a basic table setting for this challenge, took me about an hour or two.



I decide to do some animals.



Here are my 3 submissions to the challenge. Note bigger screenshots, thanks to the 4k screen that arrived today :smiley:

First, a cap tube - geocachers among you will know these little blighters are commonly found behind magentic things.

Next, a Tamper - Coffee is essential - get to know what this is used for if you dont know already.

And finally, every nerds desk should have something like this on it, a Sonic Screwdriver (with working screwdriver bits inside)


Now, I did a chicken.


Planet express


Classic SM58 Microphone, Book, Pallete Knife. Made as separate objects Appended as a collection.


For some reason when I render this, it shows as only a standard cylinder. Not sure how that happened. :frowning:



Interesting. I’m glad I did this model prior to the Bowling Pin model. I did it in completely different ways. For this one, I started with a cylinder and then added in horizontal loops and scaled them down from there. Nice to have multiple options.



Made a monkey flag out of the monkey model. Couldnt figure out how to flatten the monkey properly, but hey he was already preloaded so… Figured it could be a futuristic

flag of some sort lol