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Mug and mug-cover along with spoons and fork. Definitely not the best, but I am improving :slight_smile:


My three models: a lego brick, a mug and a step stool


just trying to get the hang of the controls and this whole 3-d modeling business. its been challenging doing the simpelest things!


I made these models, I’m especially happy with how the pickaxe turned out!


Three Models, Hammer, Keyboard and Mouse.

It was my understanding to make very simple objects with minimum detail, but I see others did more than I did. I AM capable of detailed objects as seen here.



Here are my 3 simple models. Had been mounting stuff to walls around the house and had some tools handy.


I just finished my 3 models here they are a cup, an (attempt) lamp and a pair of headphones.

Thank you


I know they’re not the most complex models, but I like how they turned out.


here’s my 3 models!! I’d lost motivation by the time i’d got round to doing the mug. too long focussing on vertices and edges >.<


Hi all. Here are my three objects.
A knife, a USB-stick and a cup :wink:



I’m really happy with this. Here was the basic process.

  1. Started with a cylinder.
  2. Inset the top and bottom faces to make a circle where the hole would go, then delete the faces.
  3. Selected one edge loop of the hole then extruded with snapping and merging on to make the centre of the roll.
  4. Selected the inner faces and duplicated them to make the outer part of the cardboard roll, then did a similar process with extruding, snapping etc.
  5. I then duplicated the inner faces of the cardboard tube to make the outer part of the holder and then extruded bits out on both sides to make the rest of the holder.
  6. I then modified a torus primitive to make the thin ‘holding bar’.
  7. Did a few insets and extrudes to add details.


I played with blocks along the Section 2 course and I did this little forest shelter scene.
Tried to make it to cozy as possible with a low poly models and also tried to make low poly trees with different kind of ways.
Hope you like it and I hope that you have as much of fun on the course as I have :smiley:
Happy modelling!

I did the material version during the Chess section so if you haven’t yet done any material experiments don’t worry you will get there very soon :smiley:


I wonder, how many poly is your high poly model? the mouse for example…
These are amazing.


Here’s my entry, a pen, a boiler and a fork.


Glasses, chair and dumbbell. :slight_smile:


For this section challenge, I’ve realized:
-Red vase
-Tv Monitor
-Small Plant

I’ve added a subdivision modifier, to all this models.

I’ve also realized this in my spare time :grinning:


Thank you for saying so! Always appreciate compliments. =D

Well. All the high poly I made have a pretty Ridiculous poly count. Since my intention just was to make it look nice in a quickest way I knew. (subdivide + smooth vertex) xD
Hold on now… : 9.732 faces. on the high poly Mouse. I could however EASILY reduce that number alot of course. since even the flat bottom almost have 500 faces that could be made into one. same goes to the sides and so on. :wink:

High poly Cup have about: 9.300 faces.
and 1 high poly Plate have about: 6.900 faces.

when all that said… You have some pretty neat looking objects as well!
Keep it up buddy. =D


I decided to make this flash drive sitting on my desk

and this sword…the first of many.


Heres an under construction xwing :smiley: