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my low poly helicopter



of course i dont have a helicopter or a sword lying around but thought it would be fun


Here are my 3 models for the section 2 extra challenges.

Model 1: My arm chair…kinda
Model 2: A cig lighter
Model 3: A comparison of a 7.62mm (probably close to a 7.62x39) round and a high impact .50 cal Beowulf

The bullets needed some color to look proper.


Hi there!


Homework done :wink:



3D Mouse


Here are my three Itemps!


Such a great work! Inspiring!


My 3 items: Infrared Lamp, Thor’s Hammer and a rocket. Can’t wait to start texturing :wink:


My Three Items

Ice Cube Tray

Small Spatula

Sauce Bottle


My three extra objects. A goblet, a mallet and a picket fence.


Pig eats fruits.


Haha, thanks man. Much apprecieted!
You too! could be cool to see Goblet 2.0 hehe ;D
(sorry for th late reply…)


kept it simple


Here’s my challenge :slight_smile: an axe, a spider, and a bell.



For my second challenge item I really wanted to get proportions and small details right so that the objects, ( despite mostly being basic cylinders ) are instantly recognizable.


Love the shotgun shells :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


3 of 3; my trusty hammer. I used bevel and subdivision modifiers (which I discovered by experimenting off-course.) I love how easy they made it to shape the handle and round off the sharp edges around the head.


Version 2, Cycles render


like it


…my extra modelling challenges, loved modeling time. Even when it was a toy car.