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Thanks!:blush: Would really love to make other things like this :open_mouth: :smile:


made a desk with keyboard and glass


I chose to model a simple Playstation 4, Monitor and a coffee mug.


For my three model challenge I chose a AA rechargeable battery, a very basic pepperoni pizza slice, and a honey stir stick.


These are my extra models from the challenge at the end of section 2. It is a pizza box, pizza and pen. Considering that I had absolutely no drawing or modelling experience before the start of this course, I am pretty proud of how they have turned out. Does anyone know how to make rounded edges though? Like for the edges of a cellphone or laptop?


my three for the challenge I chose a box a tv and a pillar



I am trying to make a come back on the Blender scene since getting distracted many months ago. So here I go, round 2!


Just some uploads from the extra modelling challenges in Section 2 of the course. Looking forward to learning a lot more and probably taking more courses after this. Really enjoying learning Blender in such a straight forward and easy pace to follow.


These are fantastic! Saw these and instantly had to up my game on my 3 models. I didn’t get close your level, but hey… thanks for the inspiration mate! :slight_smile:


Here are my 3 attempts at 3 simple objects. Not the best, but hey, I am loving the course so far. I still got a lot to learn and can’t wait to see how much I improve from this.

A simple mug

A simple plate

A… (simple?) goblet… I mean… i totally had that lying around!


Haha, Thank you! it’s very much appreciated!

Had tons of fun making them back then, it’s all thanks to this amazing course.
Had no skills in blender beforehand.

So I’m always very humbled to see people like you liking and commenting.
I do think you did quite a good job aswell, and it’s only going to get more and more awesome looking the more you play around with blender!

Good luck out there, keep having fun! =D


Also, love the goblet. :wink:


Thanks bro! Yeah, i took a look at your profile yesterday too and was surprised to see no previous work, just the work you did. So I was even more impressed. Good luck with the course! Look forward to seeing your end results some day! Keep us… posted! :wink: Have fun man!

Also thanks, I quite liked the Goblet too. i might use it someday :sweat_smile:


you roll the mouse wheel!? :tired_face: I didn’t think to do that… I just got flat bevels and settled for that. Oh I am annoyed with myself. Thanks for that David! I owe you one buddy! :grin:


No problem :slight_smile:


Been playing with materials and cycles renderer, I updated my honey stir stick to look more wood-like.


Loving the Course. Simple shapes plus your little castle example… Inspired! Bring on texturing!


I’ve made a barthroom corner. Not quite happy with a teethbrush though. I love previous works here, some of them seem to be very advanced. Still so much to learn!


Eeep. I felt extra bad when I saw the lecturers made an axe and cup too, and way better than mine :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re not too great, but I used this chance to practice insetting, loop cuts etc, the array modifier…My only regret is I did not use subdivision for these, but I’m sure I’ll get morre chances to practice it as I go


Here are my three “Extras”

Ball Cap, Light Switch, and Martini Glass