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I’m gonna guess that its a piggy, a turt, and an owl! :grin: I like the extra detail with the pigs curly tail!


Such good stuff in here everyone! I decided this time not to go ahead of things and smooth everything but just stick to the task of the video. Simple perfume bottle and thumbtack :laughing:


I did a pillar and the stapler on my desk lol

The stapler took me a while to do this evening. The pillar was something I`d like to use in unreal game engine. I used a subsurface modifier to get the nice edges and loop cuts to harden the edges. Trying to keep my images flowing well along the faces.


I chose to go with the kitchen scene as well and made a fridge, table, place mat and plate. I’m really looking forward to learning how to add texture and color in the upcoming lectures!


My second try on the challenge


A Chair, Table, Chair & Table Scene w/ candle holder and a Hammer…



Very simple sword



Here’s mine:grinning:


snes cart perhaps ?




Spent more time on the Rifle. Tree is just a low LOD placeholder I can use in a procedural terrain generator.




Low detail fork lifter, I started just doing a wheel but it was too funny :slight_smile:


I made a few things that were lying around in my room (a bell, a chisel and a knife).


Hi, looking good! Wondering how you got the square shape with the rounded corners!



Hey, thanks.

You can bevel a square object using the bevel tool. Select the edge(s) you wish to bevel in edit mode and press control + b, then move your mouse or adjust the controls in the tool panel to get the desired result.

If bevel isn’t working properly when you apply it:

Before you bevel anything you have to make sure all scale and rotation transformations are applied to the object. To do this, in object mode, select the object you’re going to bevel, press ctrl + A and click ‘apply rotation and scale’, then go back into edit mode and apply the bevel as above.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Made some kind of weird crystal lamp… Was just playing around :smiley:
Essentially, I built it just by beveling and extruding random faces, then added a transparent material, and put a light in it :smiley: Enjoy!


WHOOOOAAAHH!! That’s soo cool!!! Realy great, you can use that as a wallpaper! Great job :+1:


Thanks! :blush: I love how you did your lamp it looks really amazing, it looks really cool with the transparent material


Really good work !!!:grinning: