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Just a simple level.


Happy with it !


Decided to go a slightly different direction with my version. It may not be a rocket ship per-say but it still uses all of the same mechanics, just a different model and sound effects.


I love the art design in this. Very cool!


Thank you, I really love yours too, never thought it could be this different from a rocket theme and still have the same feeling!


Nice Idea :slight_smile:


Small Trailer -

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Your trailer is epic, would give it three thumbs up but I seem short the required anatomy.


Especially liked the flips in the end. LoL… fantastic. I wonder when I will get hands on to the particle system.


Why not Christos… Especially the music part… made me laugh a lot LOL… Really nice of your work… :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you!