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Just a simple level.


Happy with it !


Decided to go a slightly different direction with my version. It may not be a rocket ship per-say but it still uses all of the same mechanics, just a different model and sound effects.


I love the art design in this. Very cool!


Thank you, I really love yours too, never thought it could be this different from a rocket theme and still have the same feeling!


Nice Idea :slight_smile:


Small Trailer -

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Your trailer is epic, would give it three thumbs up but I seem short the required anatomy.


Especially liked the flips in the end. LoL… fantastic. I wonder when I will get hands on to the particle system.


Why not Christos… Especially the music part… made me laugh a lot LOL… Really nice of your work… :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you!





Awesome ! It’s a great idea to create atmosphere with a background image ! love it.


Hey ! That’s pretty good !
I think you saw the opportunity with how the rotation reminds drifting, great :smiley:


First level design. I wanted it to feel like you were flying through a cave, and initially thought about putting a background cube to make it look like a cross-section view of inside the cave, but the lighting and camera made it difficult to make the objects stand out right, so for now there is no background to emulate the cave experience.


All the level designs here look amazing. I just went with the instructor’s level design for now: