All my clients start then black screen


So when I run the server it boots up says everything is fine then I go to connect to the server with a client and it flickers the game for a second then goes to a instant black screen my static local IP is and its running on port 7777 I’ve taken the port and tried doing also without the port the exact same happens, here is a picture of what my server says when they connect:

any advice will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

EDIT: I just realised its taking control of the first character the one that’s supposed to just stand there with no control but my game is set to have 5 players I don’t understand what I’ve done wrong?
here is a picture of the client log:


Try scrolling up the log to see if there are any messages in yellow or red. These should help you identify the error.


Hi Sam sorry for the late reply been away for a while, here is the errors that the client shows and the server shows:

i dont have a idea on what to do to fix it!


Bump still need help on this


See this thread: UE4 changed some things between 4.17.0 and 4.17.2, apparently.


The issue at this point has nothing to do with needing to add on extra bits at the command line, although that is an inconvenient but viable workaround. The real solution is this:

  1. In Unreal Engine, with the project loaded, go into Edit -> Project Settings -> Maps & Modes

  2. Click on the arrow under Default Maps to expand the section

  3. Change the Server Default Map from Entry, which is the standard default even though it doesn’t exist (this is the real problem), to the Third Person Example map.

After this, everything should work as it was initially laid out in the tutorial.


Nice! Good to know - thanks for finding that and sharing.