2024 Collab: Week 13 “Low poly game assets in 90 minutes” - VOTE CLOSED

This is the Blender Collaboration 2024, week 13 challenge. Don’t be afraid to join, a lot of us are beginners. This is all to practice, have fun, learn, and get together.

This week’s subject is “Low poly game assets in 90 minutes”.

The rules are simple. 1 subject, 1 entry, 1 week.
You create whatever object or scene or whatever you can think of that has something to do with the subject. It can be as simple or complicated as you want, all entries are welcome!
Post your picture here in this thread. At the end of the week, we start to vote. And if you are the winner, you may choose the next subject and win a unique badge.

Deadline: 2024-03-30T22:55:00Z

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90 minutes isn’t that much time!

I got nervous at the last 15 minutes, I wanted to do so much more.
My thoughts were to reuse objects and combine them into new ones.
But then preparation is the key.

Overall theme: shop

  • House
  • Tower
  • Church
  • Desk - to display stuff
  • Cash register (took me too long. due to myself being wanted too fast)
  • Toy: car
  • Toy: Ball
  • Food: Donut
  • Food: Apple
  • Apple leaf (reuse also on flower I didn’t make)
  • Cupboard - To show stuff
  • Bowl - for apples
  • Plate - for donuts
  • Vase - for flowers
  • Mug with and without
  • Glass
  • Hamer
  • Crate

Yup! I’ve got an idea for this one, and I want to try and get all my ducks in a row before I start it. Feels like a school exam in a way XD

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I thought I’d be able to get more done, but spent more time deciding on what to do next than I should have.
I spent of few more minutes setting up the lights and camera, I hope that’s fine.



Seems weapons are a popular idea for this, lol! XD


Well, I didn’t get too far in 90 minutes - lots of stumbling around the controls actually (just me) and as a result, Ms. Fitt has a stockout now. I did use the opportunity to try a few new things and see if they could be useful in a time-crunch situation:

  • The sign is (very badly) texpainted. But it did indeed go fast!
  • The pistols are built as individual objects jammed together like a dodgy sandwich. Reusing and modifying modules worked ok, and I probably should’ve stayed with that idea.
  • By comparison, the rifle is two meshes. Realized too late that this is not as adaptable.
  • I also tried to use an Array make a curving bandolier (each bullet counts as an asset, right?), but something got messed up when I set it to the Bezier and it ended up just going straight. Surely just my own inexperience; it still did more or less what I wanted!

Neat idea to make this collab a time attack =)


Missed a few objetcs like a rope and a knife but I decided to use the last 15 minutes on colors and textures


This is my type of challenge as I’m working on low poly asset packs for quite a bit, eg Low Poly Graveyard Game Ready Assets Pack WIP Thread :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately I was at the stage of making bigger objects now (crypts), but I did manage to make one of those in a given time frame. The crypt in the center there took a bit less than 90 minutes to make.

Here it is only that model in isolation and wireframe:

And here it is inside the context of some of the models from that WIP asset pack as rendered in UE (making that scene took way more than 90 minutes obviously):


None participating progress

I was completely forgotten to create a scene and color the assets in 90min ( others did, well thought of :wink: ).
But I like my project and decided to continue to build a scene, not as a Collab entry!.
Just to see what I could do with the assets at hand.

EEVEE Blender 4.1.0


90 minutes went quick. Loved the idea of a time limit though, it made it seem so much less daunting.


“It’s that weird girl again with her racing cars”

I spent all my time on the first 4 cars, the rest I duplicated in a hurry and didn’t bother with any textures.
Total - 93 minutes till 1st render, including lighting, stage, camera

+5 minutes minutes for the second render


Here is mine. I themed it as a ninja store since I’ve had Naruto playing as background noise while I work lately and been playing Nioh in my free time. Also I knew that I could bang out some simple weapon models rather quickly having made many in the last few years. I was able to get more done than I expected thanks too a few time saving techniques. The room, shelves, tables, windows and lamps were all setup in about 15 minutes using an addon called Archimesh. I also used Blender Guru’s dielectric and metal shader nodes too quickly add textures on my props. Linked duplicates and materials were heavily used to fill out the scene. The majority of my time was spent modeling and placing the props that include; kunai, shuriken, knuckle guards, bow, swords, food pills, paper bombs, fan, and ring blade. Almost ran out of time before I remembered to add lights so I threw on an hdri and a couple point lights with Ies textures. Ended up going over by a few minutes because of a crash during test render. Despite that, I am really happy with how it came out and hope you all like it too!


In the allotted time, I managed to do less than I wanted, but more than I thought I would be able to do :grinning:


its a shame we only get one vote they’re alot of good entrys this week :slight_smile:


We @BlenderCollab have a few days to vote. You can vote fast but also think slowly about design, colors, technique, difficulty, subject, realism, etc. Choose consciously and not on your entry.
The new subject week 14 “Surveillance” has already started. The winner of this week’s “xxx” challenge may select a subject for next week 46 and win a badge.


@FedPete Where is your entry?


Ah yes, so many other good competitors. And I only made the objects in 90 minutes. And I didn’t do the composition and coloring…
I tried to create a new scene from it, but my 12-year-old Ubuntu machine is becoming useless. I can’t start Blender unless I am in “Discrete Graphics Mode.” Rendering and running Blender code on GPU makes my system slower than normal.


It’s a pity. I would vote for you, I liked this set, it touched something in my heart.


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