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This isn’t necessarily a problem, as much of an annoyance, but is there a way to slow down the speed your view zooms in while in edit mode? it almost seems like the view snaps to the next blender unit instead of being a nice slow progression, once I try to zoom in to help with detail pieces. while working on the doorways on the pyramid I had to keep rotating and finagling the camera so I could see what I was doing because when I zoomed it would go too far.

Edit: I’m asking in the Intro section because I feel like this was covered already, but when I watched the Controlling the 3d editor video it wasn’t there.

here are screenshots of what I’m talking about. the first one is where my view started and the second screenshot is after one “click” of the scroll wheel.

(in object mode) select object => press “.” (del) on numpad.
(in edit mode) select face/edge/vertice => press “.” (del) on numpad to center your view at that object and reset camera zoom and scroll speed.
Those functions are covered up but later in section 4. (along with some other hardly useful advanced camera controls.)
Also: shift+f to toggle free look mode (control by W A S D) (change move speed by scrollwheel)
Had that kind of problems too, I think they should add a quick tutorial about that in section 1.

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Thanks! I’m still having the problem though. I am on my laptop and am emulating the number pad. is the period “.” still the right button?

Never mind. I started hitting keys and it appears the \ is the corresponding key. Thanks for the help Sam!

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