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@Michael_Bridges @ben
View selected (numpad del) (in edit and in object mode) should be introduced additionally (or instead of first person mode)
I’ve had this kind of problem myself, had to go from the course and look it up.

And one more from my PM:

I have a question for you if you could answer me, I do not know, why I can not go deeper when I am zooming with the mouse wheel


that is as much as I can do “zoom” with the mouse wheel, I did try shift + F for the first person and I can go closer, but maybe I am mission an option in the preferences or something?

@Marc_Carlyon could you dive in here?

Thanks @ben
This is actually one of the newer lectures to come in I think (Lecture 13) @Michael_Bridges and the introduction of the view selected comes in during the Mayan pyramid section if I am not mistaken.
I wonder if this could be added to the end of the current lecture to improve the learning if students are running into the issues sooner than anticipated.

I remember something was mentioned, yes, but too briefly, and lecture 12 does pushes a lot of students to go and try something of basic objects, some go quite far.

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