Zombie Runner Level Creation

I’m pointing a few of the level design lectures to this topic - if you have something to share or any questions, here’s the place for them.

My first level:


Basic as level design can get


My goal is to have an ominous church which you can see anywhere on the map on a high elevation, with optional but crucial explorable areas for ammo and maybe health. I want to have to weave in and out of the forest like an obstacle course I also want to mess around with time and animation events to stop or dodge falling logs. I want the atmosphere to be dark and creepy like an old dracula movie, I want to reward the player for exploring and make it very hard for people that didnt find the ammo packs.

Yellow low density zombie, orange medium and red high density. Im not sure about the interior of the church if I should have it next level or current ill see how long the level takes.


Hey Rick

I thought I would just say im really enjoying this lecture, as your more of a design focus than programming its been refreshing. At first I was skeptical with the drawing plan than using a plane to put the image on but this has really been a revelation of level design for me so I thought ill add what I did next . Thanks Rick!




Thanks Rick! Just finished 205 added the trees terrain and grass, and as you can see a church to pull the player in that direction! Thanks for the Level Design tips again I appreciate it ^^


hey how did you made this with blender or unity hhhm

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I’m going to have a fantasy theme so I’m thinking it could be the player exploring a dungeon found in the desert, maybe looking for some ancient relic. Most of it’s going to be inside so I haven’t done much with the terrain.

And wow my plan is basic compared to others here!



Got the terrain colour and objects from an asset pack called Low Poly Desert Pack by 23 Space Robots and Counting…


Gotta love how I spent some time to implement a flashlight thinking that this is a great idea and how I took advantage of a weapon script while doing so… only to see afterwards that in few videos time there’s a video literally with a title “Create a FlashLight” :smiley: Well, interesting to see how Rick is doing it and if I was anywhere close to that :slight_smile:


The church or the terrain? Whats the question? The church is just a placeholder from the asset store while I constructed the scene. I may use the church and build scaffolding on top of it as im trying to focus more on design than aesthetics. The terrain is the same process Rick is teaching ^^

Veeeeery simple design.

Thats a great 2nd pic of the view from within the game. Like the 1st pic too. Your doing great!

Now to add detail on this…

looking abit better than my initial quick draw :). Btw, I never thought of this way to creating levels. Where you can actually put into the unity game engine your level designs. I’m going to have ALOT of fun doing it this way now. Thanks VERY much for showing this technique. It’s an excellent way for creating levels imo.



I wanted to do a wave based game with a really simple layout based on a space ship interior. Planning on generating modular level building block in Blender to build it out.

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A spaceship prison ward is the theme

your level looks great!! quality stuff!!!

Im going for a wave based game evetually as well. Since i dont know how to do networking for multiplayer its my next best option because i dont wanna come up with a story. Like your simple design

Going for a spooky forest setting, with an underground facility that exits back out into the open. Hoping to use some ominous red lighting to create mood in the ‘facility’ vs being in the forest.

I haven’t shared very much so here I am near the end sharing.

Going for an escaping in the Sewers and out a valley kind of level.