Zombie Runner Level Creation

Loving this last section, here is my level design mock;

Iv’e got a problem with pro builder in unity 2019.4.3.f

I am trying to make a can of soup asset from a probuilder cylinder, but all the normals on the cylinder appear to be the wrong way round. This has the effect that if you attach a rigid body to the cylinder the cylinder falls through the scenery and the soup can label renders as if it’s inside the can.
This doesn’t happen with regular unity cylinders.
To replicate create a basic probuilder cylinder and don’t do anything to it, attach a rigid body collider and watch it fall through the floor. To cure it mark the mesh as convex in the collider, but this does not stop the label being rendered as if it’s inside the can.

my level design

Very good! It is possible to walk through the level and make adjustments, save and you see the changes at the moment, very useful.

Made a simple maze using grid! I will try with using only one ghost that never dies and give the player simple missions like collecting or moving certain objects or provoke the ghost two times.

My first time actually taking the time to design a level. Hope it looks good. LOL Normally I just skip the design and go straight to coding sections.