Zombie Runner early sandbox

Show us what you got!

Ok, I was beginning the RPG course, trying to do a 1 person shooter when I saw this update! Thanks!! It’s just what I need!!

So, my sandbox was made days ago:

I am aiming at the creepy look:


@Montse Loving the look of this

Lloyd Risper

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Mine isn’t quite as good as Montse, but here is my quick 5 minute prototype!!


Hello! New course, cool :slight_smile: Thank you for continuing to update these courses!

Tip: I want to share that I attached a similar version of our CubeEditor script onto these prototyping prefabs (just the snapping function) and it made it WAY easier to move stuff and test… how could I ever not use that script ever again, what a treasure!

The purpose of prototyping for me was to figure out how best to move around…

  • How high can I jump?
  • How far can I jump?
  • How steep an incline can I traverse? What feels natural?
  • How does it feel to ascend staircases of different scales?

Of course, once I did all this and ran around a bunch finding the sweet-spot answer for each of these questions, I remembered we can adjust our movement values later so that may have been for nothing, haha! Nonetheless, it was a nice beginner blockout experience.

Some things that are not-so-fun about the tools we are using:

  • The jitteriness Rick mentioned, even while just standing still.
  • Frustratingly cannot jump up onto an object when real close to it.
  • Character keeps moving forward after releasing movement keys
  • Also, cannot adjust direction while mid-air. GW2 has spoiled me with extra control while jumping. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

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I make one change in upcoming videos that helps with the jitter - I turn off “head bob” on our first person controller.


My 5 minute sandbox! I took the 5 minute part quite literally.


Ain’t much but here’s my prototype level for Project Candy