You Found The DONKEY Resource Links!

Gronko & Maximus.

Umm… Eddie Murphy?

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I think they should be named Thompson and Thompson (The name of the detectives from Herge Tintin)

Nanami and Hinata!

They should be called Billy and Hatcher

I think they can be named as Donny, Monny, Jinny.

They should be called Integrity and Honesty.

Java, C# and Python

I think Donkey and Kong is nice…

Rose, Lily and Aaron

Wonky, Sam, and Floderakimothartorim the 2nd.

Briggs, Stratton and Honda

I think they could be called Bob & David

Fred and George

I don’t know if they have been proposed already:
Micky Mike, Peter and Davy Jones. (as the Monkeys are 4 guys, not 3).

Samson on the left, Rachelle on the right, and Bob in the back.

Co & Vid