You don’t show us how to run the server from the main Computer?


Hello Sam. I haven’t test multiplayer but I have some questions. You don’t show us how to run the server from the main Computer ?

  1. run from cmd - Server
  2. run from Editor - Client Server

and if we have different level design how it match each other?

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You must have the exact same project. I’m not sure what your question means.


From the computer_1 I run the server from cmd, exactly the same way as you did
1 { "Editor path" "Project path" Map directory -server }
2 then from the same computer_1 I created client and connected to server { "Editor path" "Project path" Hamachi IP address -game }
3 after that from other computer_2 I connected VPN network and created client for the server { "Editor path" "Project path" Hamachi IP address -game }

1 connection was done but I get 3 player: server, computer_1, computer_2 but actually there are 2 player computer_1 and computer_2. Is there any way that server don’t visible in the game ?

2 if computer_1 and computer_2 level design is different which one will be authority ?


I think the dedicated command should look like this:
UE4Editor.exe ProjectName MapName -server -game -log


It’s not work
-server -game the command only run the server and Editor didn’t open

and how did you run the server in this lecture?


Isn’t it shown on screen?


Launched only server, game didn’t start

only this nothing more


I mean isn’t the command shown in the videos?


No, how did you run the server was not shown
and here is another question:
on the server we upload .uproject file, and all player which connect the server also upload .uproject file, but thus files is not same if Player_1 and Player_2 have different map they see different level design

  1. how can I upload one .uproject file which is common all the player?
  2. how can I run the server such way that it is not appeared in the game?

Which video are you following? You didn’t say.

I don’t think this is how it works.


Lecture 12 “Playing Over The Internet”

It is first lesson to connect another computer in network. may be my question is early


Have you tried reviewing this lecture that mentions how to launch the server?


Oh, I see that’s what you’ve got. Don’t worry, that’s expected at this time that you get a player for the server. We will tackle that later.



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