You can use Xcode with this class [Mac OSX]

You can set it up to work with Visual Studio Code like the instructor has in the videos, but you can also use Xcode with the raylib library, which is really easy to set up. To set it up with Xcode just follow the instructions here, I am using Big Sur[M1] and everything works just fine after installing raylib through brew.

I hope this helps someone out there, other than that.

Stay calm, and code on.

Hi JyounzuSan

Thank you for the mention that there are instructions for XCode. Though, using VS Code will help us (and others) to provide more complete support should problems occur that are related to the IDE as opposed to code.

That said, each student is certainly welcome to follow along with the IDE that makes them feel more comfortable.

Stay calm, and code on. Best wishes on your learning journey.

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@Tuomo_T @JyounzuSan I am thinking that XCode is needed to build raylib on Mac OS. That is the recommendation on the raylib wiki.

After that, it appears that VS Code for the Mac is needed in the cloning of the VS Code Template and setting up the vscode-template folder as a VS Code workspace. I used the Visual Studio Code (HTTPS) option when I cloned vscode-template. It essentially followed the video and was the least complicated for security purposes.

There are other questions about cloning that way and I suspect it will come up in subsequent lessons.

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