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in Input Sensitivity and Gravity at the end of the video ben did some calculation by multiplying xOfsset by FPS okay why did he do that and then when the result on his calculator was maybe 5.4 he said " it’s 5.4 meters per seconds and that’s close to the full " I didn’t understand this and what he meant by " The Full ", what my result should be to say that’s close to the full… please, I need a full explanation about this point. and thanks a lot


Hi Sharif,

Do you know how flipbooks or animations work? They consist of multiple pictures. So does the game you see in the game window. Every 0.x seconds, a new image gets rendered causing the illusion of motion.

xOffset refers to the distance between the current position and the target Position. Since 1 WU is defined as 1 metre in Unity, we could say that our ship is supposed to move 5.4 seconds per metre.

Since the frame rate is inconsistent, we multiply our offset value with Time.deltaTime instead of a fixed value. If you walk with a speed of 6 km/h, you know that you walked 1 km after 10 minutes because you can multiply the speed by 10 minutes (1/6 h). Time.deltaTime is returns a value in seconds.

Personally, I prefer to stick with WU because the player does not know how big our ship or our mountains are. Furthermore, I do not care how fast my ship moves. My goal is that its movement looks convincing. For this reason, my advice is: If you find this topic confusing, don’t try to make your ship move at a predefined speed but make it move smoothly across your screen.

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yeah I got It thant you sooooooooo much <3


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

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