WW2-Style Ships

G’day guys! Just thought I’d post some of my WIP 3d models… I’ve been making them both for fun, and for an alt-hist project of mine. This is the HMAS Australia, sole ship of her class (and only battleship in the RAN), a 50,000 ton battleship commisioned in 1943, armed with 16"/45 calibre rifles and 5"/38 dual-purpose secondaries.

The ‘textures’ are only materials at the moment, I haven’t gotten to the texturing part of the course yet… >_> I’ve been slacking hardcore and only gotten to lecture 40 or 41.



And because it’d only let me post one picture… Here’s another one, the Geelong-class light cruiser.


Battlefield 1942 remastered :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is due to you only having just joined the forums, over time as you contribute and read more, you will unlock additional functionality and these restrictions are removed :slight_smile:

Incidentally, fantastic work there - really like them :slight_smile:


Cheers for the info! I’ll hold off on posting more 'til I’ve hung around a bit more. :slight_smile:

I also have an aircraft carrier (that needs lots of work–basically needs to be rebuilt from the ground up…), a destroyer, a frigate, a heavy cruiser, and about a 20% done WIP of BB-62, USS New Jersey. Also a ‘battle-blimp’ that I did as a challenge.

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Ironically, that may not help you :slight_smile: The user’s trust levels will increase based on participation, so the more you post, the more you read, the more involved you are, liking other’s posts, having your posts liked and so on will all contribute - if you wait, it’ll be slower :slight_smile:

Would love to see these too, appreciating the limitations on the screenshots at the moment. Incidentally, if you use SketchFab you can paste the URLs in on the forum and we can then zoom in / out and spin your models around and really enjoy them :slight_smile:

Have you been making these for a specific reason, assets for a game, or just because you like the theme?

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Fair enough! I’ll post more, then! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll look into going for the SketchFab, but for now I’ll just post the renders I have taken previously. :slight_smile:

Most of them are for my alt-history WW2 project, and are modeled using as low-poly as I can get without sacrificing the quality of the model. I have much higher poly models of most of the guns on the ships, but the ones that get put on I keep to a hard limit of 1k tris each. I might eventually turn them into a game or do some short animations with them, I dunno yet!

Here’s a tank I did as ‘I’m bored, let’s model something’.

What are the rules on double-or-more-posting ?


Wow :open_mouth: really awesome stuff!!! I especially love how the tank looks :smiley:

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Thanks! I just got a notification that I can now post multiple images, soo… !

Here is BB-62, USS New Jersey, one of the Iowa-class battleships. :slight_smile: Still needs a lot of work

HMAS Canberra, one of the Sydney-class Heavy Cruisers. Still needs to be finished to the same standards as the Geelong-class.

A pretty render of an earlier version of the Geelong-class.

My Derwent-class Destroyer, which is in desperate need of being worked on… I haven’t touched it in six months.

My Bellerive-class Frigate, also needs to be worked on, but not to the same dire extent the Derwent-class needs.

My battle-blimp!

My Victoria-class Aircraft Carrier which… needs redoing from basically the ground up. The only thing I’m happy with is the island control tower.

And finally;

A collab work between me and Winged_One from the Spacebattles forums. This is an older version of my HMAS Australia next to his Constellation-class Battlecruiser and Florida-class BB. If the three ships fought, the Florida would win, Constellation would lose and the HMAS Australia would come second.


Some absolutely amazing work here, well done, very inspiring :slight_smile:

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Outstanding (strong word :sunglasses:) work you have there!
Very well detailed, proportion is perfect and meshes are very nice too! Congratulations!!

This would transpire awesomeness if you added a metal texture (perhaps even rusted metal) to their hull, this would really shine (even more)!

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Cheers guys!

I do intend to texture them properly when I learn how, but as I mentioned; I’m only up to lecture 40 or 41. :x I started modelling in 2014, but I’ve only really had about a years worth of experience (mostly this year), as my main PC died and I couldn’t really do much about it 'til late 2015.

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These models are amazing, I can’t wait to see the content that you are going to come up with in the future if you are already producing works with this quality!

Congratulations again, you deserve it!

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Thanks mate! :slight_smile:

Here’s some more stuff I found, that I did much earlier in the year.

.50 cal twin machine gun mount:

40mm Bofors Quad guns, minus the actual gun turret mechanism or the shield.

40mm British 2pdr pom-pom mount.

And finally, my 20mm Oerlikon twin-mount.

These are all my high-poly count models, they’re all around 10kish. The models on my ships have between 300 and 800, depending on the gun.


Are you making these assets for some sort of WW2 project :open_mouth: It seems you’ve almost got enough to start making a game or short animation xD


Not quite enough, hah. I don’t have any opposing nation ships, yet! Only Aussie ones. And yep yep, they’re for my alt-history WW2 project. I would love to turn it into a game somewhat like World of Warships, but not an MMO and better, but that’s for well after I learn how to code. I haven’t even begun to play with texturing or animating yet!

I actually do plan to rebuild all of these models from the ground up when I’m better at modelling, texture them, rig them for animating and then maybe sell them or turbosquid or something, but I’m unsure at the moment.

I actually finally got around to attacking the Derwent-class Destroyer. Last time I had opened the file was sometime in early March of this year…

The 4 main turrets are a place holder 'til I get around to building a 4, 4.5 or 4.7 inch twin gun turret design. Or I might just crib the 4.7 twins from the newer Tribal-class… dunno yet!

4x2 40mm bofors mounts
4x1 20mm oerlikons
1x4 torpedo mount
4x2 5"/38 mk 38 turrets (this is a ~43-44 design gun on a ~'34 design, hence why only a placeholder for now.)
2x Depth Charge Rails
2x Depth Charge Projectors (not yet modelled)
1x Hedgehog Launcher (Not yet modelled)

All in a 35kn package. (One knot slower than the newer, slightly larger Tribal-class)


Beautiful boats :smiley: Especially liking the artillery and gun models~

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Love these models!! awesome work mate these are great!

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Cheers guys! :slight_smile: I do take challenges if you’d like to see something in particular, may take me awhile to get to it though, as my livestreaming takes precedence over all at the present.

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