Wood doesn't look quite right

I think it has something to do with the mapping. I tried cub mapping v. flat mapping but it looked worst.

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Don’t worry to much about it, later you will learn how to fine-control the mapping…
There are so many ways to do it it is best to be patient until that chapter I think :slight_smile:

You are doing good!

I would say if you open the UV Editor with your chessboard selected in Edit Mode, change the Scale in UV Editor for the mapping. Select All of the mapping, and then scale it up or down while watching your 3D view to see how it changes.

That may help other than moving / rotating the faces in the UV Editor.


You can try to stack similar pieces/faces in the UV Editor on top of each other as well for a more uniform look. You might have to flip them (either horizontally or vertically) to make it more of a match going around the board.

Hope that helps~

Sounds good. I was hoping that was the case. Thanks Jonas-

Thanks James. I haven’t been in the UV Editor yet; sounds promising.

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